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  1. Unique_Freestyle

    Oh my God.......check this out

    My best friend's brother who is a general manager who works at Mike Harvey's Car Dealership forwarded me this email, it appears after they finished filming the ad , the people noticed moving along the side of the car, like a ghostly white mist, and an eerie sound that you can barely hear (a...
  2. Unique_Freestyle

    Interesting Article regarding Reggaeton..Peep it
  3. Unique_Freestyle

    Nostradamus Predictions about New orleans (check out dates posted)
  4. Unique_Freestyle

    ~~MaRi P oFfIcIAL wEbSiTe~~

    Come check out Mari P Official Website (It's finally up and running) -Snippets -Interviews -Bio
  5. Unique_Freestyle

    Interview with Caleb B. by Veronica

    Check it out! An exclusive interview with recording artist: Caleb B Brought to you by : Veronica AKA Launicasweetie /Myonlysweetie Good job Caleb!!!!!
  6. Unique_Freestyle

    07/07/05 "Mari P "Live Interview on KHDC

    Attn: To people living in the Monterey County in California Mari P will be having her first interview by phone with DJ Kazzeo Come check it, we will have a never before played track and snippets!!!! Tonight between 6PM - 8PM on 90.9FM KHDC in Salinas, CA Tony B.
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    Sup Fellow CFers, Summer is almost here and the Mari P album is dropping soon and going to be available through (Official Website to be Launched Mid June 2005) PIC OF MARI P (Click here) Produced by...
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    Unique Elementz Important Public Annoucement

    Attention CFers, After working very hard with Artists: Caleb B and Mari P, Unique Elementz would like to announce as of May 2005, Unique Elementz, LLC will be launching a new associated label emerging straight out of Fresno, CA and controlled by artist “ Caleb B.” Unique Elementz felt it was...
  9. Unique_Freestyle

    Log on CF chat room now!!!

    Looking to collaborate with any CFers who like to discuss freestyle! CHECK IT!!!!
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    Galvatron's "Under the moon" MP3

    Whats up CF!!!!!!!!!! 2005 is finally here and I decided to unleash a promotional tracks from Unique Elementz, LLC. This track is performed from Galvatron. Please note that these MP3 will only be up here for so l ong so enjoy ! We accept all forms of feedback. Tony B. CEO/Label Owner...
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    Here's my homegirl who will join CF, say hi to her!
  12. Unique_Freestyle

    Slammin Sam

    Happy Birthday Dawg!
  13. Unique_Freestyle

    Does any CF member...

    have a particular freestyle track that touched thier life in a certain way, such as motivation for a certain cause, or such as getting over a heartbreak, if so would you care to share it with us? As far me, "Real Love" by Lil Suzy helped me get over my Ex-girlfriend that dumped me in my early...
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    performing in Hawyard , check it out!
  15. Unique_Freestyle

    Big Shouts out to DJ Paradise

    Big Shouts out to DJ Paradise and his artist "Naya" and the rest of the Freestyle Members logged onto the Freestyle File Chatroom and listening to the Live365 show!!!! For those that don't know, now you know! :sunshine
  16. Unique_Freestyle

    Lyrics to Newcleus

    Computer Age (Push the button) Can anyone help me to complete the lyrics to this breakbeat track . Fill in the blanks ...please!!!!!! Computer aid is down Everyone must have a machine They say it’s going to make life easier Well I can’t stand it! They say we should put them in control Well...
  17. Unique_Freestyle

    Promo 12" Mari P. "Infamous Lover"

    This is Tony from Unique Elementz, and I've been giving out 12" promo. to DJ's out there , and I've been getting very good feedback so far, and I have some left, if any of you DJ's are interested , drop me an line , you can email me @ or Private message me. Peace...
  18. Unique_Freestyle

    Boo........ did I scare you?

    Happy Friday to all my CF'ers! :dancepuff Have a good weekend and watch out for Bag Snatchers if your going Trick or Treating! :nah
  19. Unique_Freestyle

    Shouts out 10/19/04

    Shouts out to everyone on CF putting it down for freestyle!!!!! Special shouts out to: Jack G, Frankie, Squirrelboy, Mina, Cuddie Cut,Galvatron, Angelino, Ashley, Nyasia, Myonlysweetie, Roxygurl, Latinaheat, Belinda, Tiffany!!!!! It's a rainy ass day today here in the Bay Area, oh wells...
  20. Unique_Freestyle

    HaPpY bIrThDaY gAlvAtRoN

    :cparty Happy birthday bro :dancepuff , this one is for you homie :cheers , now where is the address I should send those 4 female strippers you've been asking for ?:cparty ONE LUV TO YOU MY NIGGA!