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    Ashley Here We are @ I Tunes

    Just bought mine
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    Ashley - Here We Are Remix

    Sounds good , Still shaking my head as to why This song was jumped on by radio
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    Favorite Newschool Track

    Manny Loves not that Easy Angel Mena I need to know Ashley Here We Are
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    Rhythm 105.9 Sunday Night Freestyle Hour

    Im enjoying the Music . Ashley song is smoking
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    New Cynthia Song

    You can talk abou this song all u want I dont think it will see the light of day ..... I havent heard the cover yet and Im sure it's not a MASTER at this time knowing what goes into making these songs. In the end, I'm sure Frankie and the crew working with him will come with something we all...
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    Ashley In the Media

    I agree She does so much behind the scenes and always does charity events but Radio never shows her the support.
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    No Talent in New Skool

    papo swing , I would be putting any in put in this topic my friend Nu Image has allot of work to do. The album is a huge dissappointment.
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    Ashley In the Media

    Check out Ashleys article in Cts Plainville Citizen. The article talks about Ashley her dedication to Freestyle Music her New Single Here We Are and her recent contribution and donation to her Nephew s Lukemia Foundation. Congratulations
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    Top Ten People's Choice for June 2004!!!

    Nyasia - Each Time Nick Colon - Jaded Nu Image - Forbidden Love Ashley - Here We Are Manny - See the Light Jazmine - Rescue Me Ayna - Dreams Come & Go Myrna Li - Tell Me Latin Nation - Saying Goodbye
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    Most fav. new freestyle song

    Ashley Here we Are Not new the thing is only 2 months old .
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    CLubhouse Dance Music Playlist

    I believe Porkie was baned Bahhhhhhhhhhh
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    Nu Image recent comments on Bad Boy Joe 5

    Group: WCM Industry Peeps Posts: 68 Joined: Feb. 2004 Posted: May 09 2004, 10:57 pm -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have to say that I heard Freestyles New generation vol, 3,4 and 5 and I said to myself what are we doing to this music. We...
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    Attention To All Fans And Supporters Of Ashley

    I keep hearing allot of Mic mac products , Ashley you gets no support ova there. My theory Conspiracy theory . You must of pissed someone off or did nt take care of something. Your true talent will shine through someday. For what its woth I Love your new Single Here we Are When you...
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    What a night (stevieb,ashley&nui show)

    Ed; I call everyday as well. Knowing Ashleys dedication Im sure they have the CD .
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    Bad Boy Joe Freestyle 5 available now!

    I bought my cd this morning its a great cd , I was diasappointed that on the New school Cd Ashley was not on it with her new song.
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    TOP 10 Freestyle Singles - April 2004

    1 Ashley - Here We Are 2 Joee - Better Than you 3 Jennifer Glass - Dreaming 4 One Voyce When You think of me 5 Synthia Figueroa - Touch Me 6 Shayrn Maceren - Just one Night 7 Coro - Never Leave you 8 Nu Image Ill always Love you 9 Angel Mena I Need to Know 10 Christina Marie...
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    My New Single

    Wow , :cheer Any audio Clips Available ?
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    My New Single

    Ashley; Good luck , Im sure it will be a success If its anything like Whens it all gonna End you ll do just fine. I Hope the Major radios give it a shot by looking @ the track listing I dont see any excuses for them not too.