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  1. Eye][Eye

    'Eye ][ Eye' ALBUM 'InnoFuzion' Available DIGITAL Download

    Yes, Its Official. Finally, The Long Awaited ALBUM 'InnoFuzion' is Available for DownLoad WorldWide. This is the Fuzion You've Been Cravin'. Also you can Download RingTones as well. This is the Entire Listing of all the DIGITAL stores that my latest album can be purchased. Thanks to all of YOU...
  2. Eye][Eye

    Thank you NewYorkFreeStyle for all the Unconditional Support!!!

    I truly appreciate all the unconditional support you have given me in my career! It truly means alot to me. I hope you enjoy my latest production 'InnoFuzion'!!! Thank you all for Great Response we have been getting Internationally throughout these last couple of weeks!!! It really truly means...
  3. Eye][Eye

    Special Thanks from

    Wil "Eye ][ Eye" Rivera & Dr.Tony Garcia we are Back together once again!!!! Check out the latest on High Power Records & Funky Melody Records Get ready for the Upcoming Funky Melody & FreeStyle Collection YOU MUST HAVE!!! "Platinum...
  4. Eye][Eye

    Eye ][ Eye's Brand New Single (InnoFuzion is Back This Summer Hotter than Ever)

    Wassssssssssssssuuuuuuuppppppp PeeeeeeeeeeeeeepZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! I'm Back!!!! Im so sorry I have not been around the sites for a while!!!I havent been posting for a while. Ive been crazy buzzzzzzzzyyyy with the New Products...Plus the countdown begins TODAY for my brand New Single...