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  1. DJ Dee X-Man

    One of my many miXes on You Tube...

    DJ Dee X-Man In Dee Freestyle Mix - YouTube
  2. DJ Dee X-Man

    Join us daily...

    Playing the old, new and stuff in the middle in Freestyle AKA Latin Freestyle AKA Latin Hip Hop My show airs Tuesday nights beginning at 7pm, CST.
  3. DJ Dee X-Man

    TGIX - Friday Night MiXshow

    Tonight on TGIX.... I will have music IN DEE MIX by Amber Rose, Caleb B, Caramelo, Carlos, Christina Marie, Cynthia, Daize, Destiny, Felix, Freddy Lopez, George Patino, Johnny O, Kenny Freestyle, Mari P, Mary Luz, Nocera, Pure Trend, Rene, Stevie B, Susan Santiago, Tina B and many, many more...
  4. DJ Dee X-Man

    This weekend - UNITED WE JAM

    Join us starting this Saturday, May 2nd, at 12pm, CST, on for 12 hours of non stop DJ action! Then join us again Sunday, May 3rd at 12pm, CST, up to 12am on, for yet another non stop event of yet 12 hrs of DJ action. That's right music lovers, we have the UNITED...
  5. DJ Dee X-Man

    Join the POWER station for Freestyle... Internet Radio 2 Da Full Power!! DJ Dee X-M:character0030:n Marvel ComiX
  6. DJ Dee X-Man

    T.G.I.X. Friday Night Mixshow in HD

    Sup Freestyle Playas!? The TGIX Friday Night Mixshow, which is broadcasted in HD (Higher Determination) airs every Friday evening from 7pm to 10pm, CST, on Go to right now to register and to obtain access to our chatroom. The chatroom gets filled every Friday...
  7. DJ Dee X-Man

    TGIX Rewind Mixshow...

    ...airs every Friday afternoon from 1 pm to 3 pm, EST, only on The show includes miXes of Bass, Electro and yes... the funkee Freestyle. Come check out the show every Friday afternoon with your man... DJ Dee X-Man. Peace! DJ Dee X-Man of Marvel Comix :D
  8. DJ Dee X-Man

    Website FREESTYLE Broadcasting

    I know Willie Valentine for one has his shows going over the web. To all, please post your web radio shows here for all to be aware of. Spread the love fellas!! Mine is as follows: DJ Dee X-Man's The TGIX Friday Night Mix Show airs every Friday night from 8pm to 12am, EST, over @...
  9. DJ Dee X-Man

    Thiago Derucio

    Can anybody give me additional information on this artist? Peace! DJ DXM
  10. DJ Dee X-Man

    Zelda video

    Say what?? DJ DXM :cool:
  11. DJ Dee X-Man

    My X Space

    What's up FREESTYLE people of the world!!?? It is the one and only... DJ Dee X-Man!! For those who already know me and love me... thank you for your "keep this sh8t going X" emails. For those who know me and hate me... well... no hard feelings. I am sure we couldn't see eye to eye on a few...
  12. DJ Dee X-Man

    You've been X

    Where are my manners?? ;) Ok folks! Seeing that my UNITE THE SITES thread was going nowhere fast, I figure I do what I should have done from the beginning. Allow me to introduce myself... I am DJ Dee X-Man. Some of you may already know me from other X isting sites, which I visit on a...
  13. DJ Dee X-Man

    Unite the sites!

    So what are you waiting on folks? Only y'all/yous can make it happen. (same as dofch) (recently united) <---- perfect X ample...
  14. DJ Dee X-Man

    TeXas Wins!!

    Shoutout to the TeXas Longhorns for beating USC in the ROSE BOWL!! Yeah baby!! Peace!
  15. DJ Dee X-Man

    Planet Rock ~ World of Freestyle mix

    Currently playing @ freestylemania is DJ Dee X-Man's latest mix entitled: Planet Rock ~ World of Freestyle Intro - DJ DEE X-MAN Planet Rock Intro Mix - AFRIKA BAMBAATAA Real Love - LIL SUZY I've Got To Let You Know - LIL JOHANNA I Want Your Love - NATALIE Your Love - LAMOUR I Can't Live...
  16. DJ Dee X-Man

    Happy Holidays!!

    With less than 10 days to Christmas and the New Year right around the corner, I wanted to wish everyone here @ CLUB FREESTYLE a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2006! Peace! DJ Dee X-Man
  17. DJ Dee X-Man


    The Matrix has you....
  18. DJ Dee X-Man

    Young Love

    Hi again. I'm still looking for YOUNG LOVE. Anybody know who sings this song? Again, it is an uptempo song, sung by a female artist and it is FREESTYLE. It sounds like the artist may be from the WEST COAST since it has that WEST COAST feel to it similar to that of IN A DREAM. Peace! DXM
  19. DJ Dee X-Man

    Lil' Suzy...

    FYI LIL' SUZY will be making a rare appearance here in Dallas, Texas on December 10 @ Club DMX. If you're in Dallas or nearby, come to the club and show your support. Peace! DJ Dee X-Man
  20. DJ Dee X-Man

    Need help IDing song... again!

    Ok guys, one more song. YOUG LOVE, who sings that? It is an uptempo song, sung by a girl and for the life of me I can't remember the artist's name. I know this much, when I see a reply with the name of it again, I'm going to immediately say..."that's it!" He he he! Peace! DXM