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  1. Caleb-B

    VH-1 = Freestyle??

    Expose " Point Of No Return" Shannon "Let the Music Play" have both had there snippits played on I love the 80's 3D this week. and Lisa Lisa..a new comentator on the 3rd series of I Love The 80's. ( 3D ) I Love The 80's Then it was I love The 80's Strikes Back Now we are in I love The 80's...
  2. Caleb-B

    sup CF

    Its been a while!! hows ER body?? I juz wanna Take the Time out and say thanx for the support to my CF foakz.....Most Of My CD's are mailed out to East Coast addresses....and since Im Not Internationaly Know, that can only mean one Thing...Its the people of CF ....Thanx for all your support! Get...
  3. Caleb-B

    HEAR Caleb-B On Sacremento's RHYTHM 105.9!!

    2 Days after the B95 Interview Im getting play in Sac Town The Mac Town!!!! Just wanna Give The Station and Radio DJ Brian 1 Night for the endless support in Freestyle music!! Also wanna Thank Brian for The huge roll he played in Freestyle Fantasia!! Heres the Link -->...
  4. Caleb-B

    Caleb-B on Central Cali's #1 Party Station Tonight!!

    Tonight at 10:00 west coast time i will be on the Vallys #1 Clear Channel Party Station B95....discussing my album and Promoting FREESTYLE FANTASIA ....I think they might play a track or 2 off my LP... log on to and listen in Live!!! Im not sure if the web feed is the same as...
  5. Caleb-B

    Get The Caleb-B CD Today.

    This is not for Pre-Order. The Cd's Have arrived and are ready to ship out. You Can get Your Copy at I would like to say thank you to all the CF members who support my music and are still fighting for a "FREESTYLE TAKE OVER"
  6. Caleb-B

    Aug 27th The Caleb-B Record Release party

    Its the Caleb-B Record Release Party In Fresno, CA Aug, 27th !! TRANCE4MIN ENT. along with EBJ ENT. Bring's You FREESTYLE FANTASIA!! With Live Shows From: Caleb-B Jessica Marie Alvendia Six2Night Angelino Luis Uribe Miles Petty and Special Live Act: Timmy T LOG ON TO ...
  7. Caleb-B

    Its Here ..Freestyle Fantasia!!

    Just a small step to making the Freestyle Come Back official...This web site will remain up so you can always know what town were gonna hit Next...
  8. Caleb-B


    hey you guyz..Thought some of you would enjoy this. Its just a start to many Vids we will be sharing with ya. Put togeather by Pete Zavala . Click here-->
  9. Caleb-B

    any 1 here 559 or 209??

    Just curiouse...I know most memberz here who post locationz..But NE one here from the CENTRAL VALLY??
  10. Caleb-B

    happy B-day Up2Late..

    happy B-day bro.
  11. Caleb-B

    well were in San Antionio..having a blast!!gettin ready for some great shows!! we'll Have Footage and pix!! Also The official Caleb-b web site is up...peep it out!!
  12. Caleb-B

    a lil self incrimanating lol ??
  13. Caleb-B

    Listen to the "Unique-Elementz" trailor..

    Hey guys for those who are intrested, here are some samples off the album. web sites commin soon..let us know what you think. m.mp3
  14. Caleb-B

    The Galvatron CD..............

    To those of you intrested in The Album, You should know the following: 1) The Album will be released under my real name Caleb B , Not GALVATRON... I think this should be cleared up to any one anticipating a Galvatron Cd...I will still use my Freestyle names on the sites as Galvatron just as i...
  15. Caleb-B

    New MP3 Galvatron "Stay4Ever"

    Hey Freestyle Headz!! Unique Elementz Has decided to throw another MP3..."Stay4Ever" .... "Under The Moon" had great feedback so we hope you enjoy this more progressive track Off the LP "Stay4Ever" Tell Us what You think.. STAY4EVER © 2004 Unique Elementz, LLC - All rights reserved Written...
  16. Caleb-B


    some web cam shots....yes my teeth is real gold beeotch! What yall know about that...( LOL )
  17. Caleb-B

    Because I Love You./ Post Man Song...Break Beat!!!!

    As most of you guys know Im in to breakz like im in to freestyle....courtisy of Hella Yella ....Enjoy...oh Stevie B is track 8.. Please Right Click and Save As. DJ Filet Mignam - Ebola 5 - Track01.mp3 DJ Filet Mignam - Ebola 5 - Track02.mp3 DJ Filet Mignam - Ebola 5 -...
  18. Caleb-B

    Unreleased Freestyle MP3

    This was released on a album Called "LAOSTER" the album consisted of mostly Rap Songs in broken english and LAOS. No Americans Owns this. This is as underground as it gets. There was one Freestyle track On the Lp and I would like to share it with any ones whos intrested. This song is very...
  19. Caleb-B

    Your gonna laugh yo ass off!
  20. Caleb-B

    New Timmy T RemiX

    Any One hear The New Version Of Timmy T"s "ONE MORE TRY" ........Tell me what yall think.......hee heeee