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  1. Gabbi (aka) Gabriell

    In honor of the Planet Rock beat

    After reading so many random shoot-downs of the Planet Rock beat. I thought I would post a link to one of my favorite songs, and it is heavily laden with the Planet Rock beat. Natalie;
  2. Gabbi (aka) Gabriell

    Song that inspired us to sing

    I just thought it would be interesting if we all thought of the first defining song. By defining, I mean the one that inspired a desire to sing/perform. I was searching on youtube, and found this gem of a song. This was a video-project done on a 'great' dico diva, Sharon Redd, shortly before...
  3. Gabbi (aka) Gabriell

    Metropolitan Records

    I have read a few different posts where Metropolitan Records has been derided by some members. But I think they had some great songs on the label, especially the early releases such as Laissez Faire "After the Lovin'"(original version) here is a link...
  4. Gabbi (aka) Gabriell

    Emjay- Be my Man

    Just thought I would post a great mid 90's freestyle mix by John Chan on DEP Records. The label is gone, but they had some really good stuff, and I knew the owner :)
  5. Gabbi (aka) Gabriell

    Monet-Who's holding you now?

    I had mentioned this song, "Who's holding you now?", and people had never heard it. So I searched for awhile and found the link. This song was written by Rick Suchow, a great guy, and was recorded by Bernadette Suarez, better known as "Monet". It features George Lamond and Tim Lawless on...
  6. Gabbi (aka) Gabriell

    C'est moi / This is me

    Just wanted to post my pic, put a face with my name.
  7. Gabbi (aka) Gabriell

    Christmas parties?

    Are there any plans for a big 'freestyle' christmas party in the works yet? It has been a rough year, we all need a christmas party to look forward to.
  8. Gabbi (aka) Gabriell

    Great song by a great artist

    I know a lot of you probably know this tune, but listen again, it really is a great freestyle tune. The artist, whos real name is Bernadette Suarez, is just such a phenomenal singer her voice leaves me breathless. I sing myself, and sometimes I am critical of others (in my mind, never rudely...
  9. Gabbi (aka) Gabriell

    Obscure Freestyle Tunes

    Let's all try to pick our brains for some really obscure freestyle stuff. I know this has probably been hashed and rehashed again, but let's really post some obscure tunes. I will start with... LONDON EXCHANGE 'LOST WITHOUT YOUR TOUCH' Let's keep it going now...