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    HEAR Caleb-B On Sacremento's RHYTHM 105.9!!

    That's awesome! :cheers Two radio stations already. Nice interview!
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    im sorry but i gotta keep it real!!!!

    Some of the "opinions" on here are indeed a matter of taste, I agree with you. Some are so set on the old school that they'll trash a new school artist's song just because it doesn't have that old sound. People need to put that preference aside and tell their real opinion of the new productions...
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    Constructive Critism thread for New School

    Alright, here is a thread for any constructive criticism to be offered to the new school artists. Post actual constructive criticism, not just any pure hate thread. So of the artists I have heard, here are my comments: Ayna - Decent voice, some ok beats. Nothing spectacular though in terms of...
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    New Freestyle Sucks

    Well I agree with some of the things you said, some artists need help, some fairly badly. But tell me this? What are MOST of the old school artists doing now? They're not even doing freestyle anymore! They either don't have the love to put out any freestyle (or never loved it in the first place)...
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    What should freestyle 2004 sound like

    Support the FREESTYLE artists.
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    What should freestyle 2004 sound like

    I love it how artists use the excuse for not doing freestyle anymore so they can make a living or get paid. 99% of them don't make anything doing their other music anyway minus say a Marc Anthony or someone.
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    what is with these east coast freestyle artists abandoning freestyle

    I'm not saying release a single ONLY having freestyle, but for example just including a freestyle mix on Judy Torres's new single in addition to all the other mixes, house, trance, or whatever. It has little to do with business decisions, only a good one, and that is including a mix that will...
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    what is with these east coast freestyle artists abandoning freestyle

    I don't care if they want to explore other music as well, but at the least they can put a freestyle mix on it! How hard is that? I mean most songs released that have several mixes on it usually have some lame house or trance mix that is too out there for anyone to like. Why not put in a...
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    Terrible! Jocelyn Enriquez- an album to avoid

    after all the anticipation, i finally got to listen to the new jocelyn enriquez album. to my extreme disappointment i heard one of the worst albums in a long time. first of all there is NO, I REPEAT NO - freestyle. with that out of the way, you get a boring, repetitive album with all the songs...
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    Favorite Freestyle intros..

    rosalinda- give me all your love jocelyn enriquez- i've been thinking about you angelina- without your love rosalinda- goodbye tka- louder than love
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    Party 93.1 - no more freestyle?

    yeah party 93.1 sucks. they need not only need to play freestyle, they need to play more freestyle than they were playing. this is miami we're talking about for crying out loud!
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    where are the new releases?

    also malyssa's album is out.
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    Seducation- new material???

    "it takes two ..." was the most popular
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    Does someone get the Malyssa's album?

    yeah it is a good cd. some freestyle on the album (not too much), but she also sounds alot like pinay or one voice. some of the other "freestyle" on the album sounds similar to linda low, the other two- that kind of sound, so a few songs sound semi freestyle. but there is some trance, ballads...
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    Does Sharyn Maceren have a complete cd

    if you don't have this album, you must get it! finally some quality freestyle out there!
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    uh, why was this topic even brought up? this wasn't needed. we all know that some hating and things will be said about people when a topic like this is brought up.
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    How is Angelina's album?

    the album is definitely different from the first two. if you are looking for the freestyle on her first two albums, well you won't find it here. there isn't really anything for the freestyle fan on this album. maybe 2 songs are sort of freestyle. nowhere as good as her first two albums. its...
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    B96 is playin freestyle again!

    actually, Energy is a terrible station dance music-wise. b96 doesn't play new freestyle there are very few new freestyle songs with the hit potential of the "Dreamboy/Dreamgirl" "Bad of the Heart" and other songs like that. Energy can be less picky on music. B96 sticks with the old freestyle...
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    question about turntables

    i have a question for those who dj. i'm thinking about getting some turntables and starting to learn how to mix. i had some people tell me do not get belt drive tables, they suck. but since i am just starting out and have a small budget to work with i would like to save the money getting belt...