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  1. Unique_Freestyle

    " Goodbye "

    Good work Angelino!!!!!!
  2. Unique_Freestyle

    Happy Holidays!!

    Dee X man..whats good bro???? Merry Xmas to you and yours!!!!! 1 PS Dont party to hard LOL
  3. Unique_Freestyle

    Does anyone have Freestyle Christmas CD??

    Yeah that XMAS Album by Metropolitan is tight....Im diggin that fav is drummer boy .....I think by Sammy C. and Lil Suzy "Letters" and the rest are good too
  4. Unique_Freestyle

    CF People's Choice for December!!!!

    wow Jeremy..thanks for the spinning the Mari P "INfamous Lover" track!!!!! I'll send you a copy of the album as soon as the release dates comes into effect Jan. 2006
  5. Unique_Freestyle

    = = Another Prayer In Need = =

    sorry im late bro...but im glad everthing went ok pimp..nothing in this world like Mother's love... 1 luv
  6. Unique_Freestyle

    Trade Your Bible For Porn

    Thats some scanlous shit there ey!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Unique_Freestyle

    Happy Birthday Mari P!!

    Happy Belated Birthday mija!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. Unique_Freestyle

    sexymexican chola that wants lovin

    Got to be careful of the ones that claim to be over 18 when in reality they only ELEVENTEEN!!!!!!!!!!!! They should create T shirts for these young females that reads "Prison bait" LOL
  9. Unique_Freestyle

    Freestyle Family Show Is Back Online Starting This Sunady 6pm To 9pm

    WHat it Do??? Listening now , keep spinning that good music pimpin!!!!
  10. Unique_Freestyle

    wassup wit it im angie from the bay!!!

    Dont trip's all about politics and ass kissing on CF, but one thing about the Unique Elementz family, we dont bow down to no one.........If only they had game like the bay folks...they would understand!!!!!! Its nothing to me...
  11. Unique_Freestyle

    ~:.Update on a new Freestyle Release (Mari P).:~

    Sup Yall, Pete and guys came game tight on this album..good shit folks...Just wanted to let you folks know that no matter how hard they try to put us down..we going to buck back on these playerhating mutha****as LOL This is a freestyle revolution
  12. Unique_Freestyle

    wassup wit it im angie from the bay!!!

    Sup Angie, right on for coming through, welcome to CF!!!
  13. Unique_Freestyle

    Where Is Stevie B's New Cd Being Sold???

    Yeah i purchased that CD at the Austin TX show......its pretty cool mayne...I dig that mixture of Dance/Freestyle and Hip Hop...Chu no what im saying??????????????
  14. Unique_Freestyle

    Whats the Best City of North America??

    San Fran AKA Sucka Free City........Northern Cali Representing over here!!!!!!
  15. Unique_Freestyle

    Oh my God.......check this out

    :dlook LMAO.......I thought it would be appropriate since we are getting so close to Halloween Day!!!:dlook
  16. Unique_Freestyle

    Oh my God.......check this out

    My best friend's brother who is a general manager who works at Mike Harvey's Car Dealership forwarded me this email, it appears after they finished filming the ad , the people noticed moving along the side of the car, like a ghostly white mist, and an eerie sound that you can barely hear (a...
  17. Unique_Freestyle

    me playing naughty with my camera

    dayummmmmmmmmm................ u cute
  18. Unique_Freestyle

    A Prayer In Need

    Sounds good Angelino!!!!!