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  1. PeteZavala

    Caleb B "The Freestyle Takeover" on eBay
  2. PeteZavala

    Jammin 94.1 Presents...Lisa Lisa & Jessica Marie June 17th

    ---> Click Here For Flyer <--- Jammin 94.1 Presents... Jammin' Under The Stars Concert Series Featuring Lisa Lisa & Jessica Marie b/w special guest appearance by Caleb B. When: Friday, June 17th 6:00pm to 10:00pm Where: Kelly USA Amphitheater San Antonio, Tx.
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    For those that doubted the Freestyle comeback

    The comeback is's happening now. Just not the way we expected. It's not the Freestyle artists that are bringing it back, it's the mainstream industry. Peep this mix, it's proof for the non-believers. I know peeps will say, this isn't Freestyle, but isn't it paving the way? I know the...
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    Jessica Marie - Video Clip

    Sup CFers? Here's a small video clip of Jessica Marie singing "In Love With You". It's not an actual music video but something we whipped up of her goofing around. It was alot of fun. Jessica Marie Video Enjoy!
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    My First Full Length Edit [I have Dreams]

    Sup CF? I love editz to the fullest and thought I'd give a full length track a shot. I went with Eileen Flores "I Have Dreams" cause I think this track is amazing. Leave me some feedback and let me know what you think. Enjoy!
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    Pop Quiz

    Ok... I know this is gonna start some drama and contraversy but uh....let's see who knows the answer to this. Who is the first freestyle artist to use the Planet Rock beat on a track? I don't wanna hear about Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaataa, or Planet Patrol either....remember, :director...
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    San Antonio Holla!

    Jessica Marie and Angelino are performing this weekend. I posted all the details in the Freestyle events section. Peep it! :heee
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    Jessica Marie & Angelino Live in S.A.

    Make sure you come out and show some love! I know we got some San Antonio peeps on the board :texican CLICK HERE TO VIEW FLYER
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    Jessica Marie Live in San Antonio

    Hello San Anto peeps! Jessica Marie has 2 performances coming up with Angelino. -> February 18th @ Planeta Rodeo Jessica Marie & Angelino - More info TBA *********************************************** -> March 20th Jessica Marie & Angelino - More info TBA Low Low Car Show & Concert...
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    Freestyle Segregation

    Isn't it sad that freestyle is so segregated? West coast, East Coast, Canadian, German... A sad story really. Unity is key to survival. Or... ...we can start an all out war like the east coast / west coast hip hop scene. We can do drive by's to promote our music and sell more records...
  11. PeteZavala

    Your Mexican Status

    :texican If you can run and play any sport while wearing chanclas....Mexican status!! If your late Tio left you a van and you turned it into a taco vending business,Yes, you're a Mexican. If you pronounce words beginning with the letter "S" by putting an "E" in front of it, (estop instead of...
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    Never too young

    My lil baby girl Desiree Marie getting an early start. :spin
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    Jessica Marie Pics

    Here are some pics of recording artist Jessica Marie.
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    Upcoming Jessica Marie Performances

    San Antonio and surrounding area peeps.... Check out Jessica Marie live. December 10 Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center for a Christmas dinner for VIP's of the city of San Antonio. Attendance expected: 3,000! December 11 Blue Santa Parade at Millers Pond San Antonio 12:noon. December 18...
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    Pic of me

    I was browsing around looking at everyones photos and I thought it was a trip to see what y'all look like. Not just a 'post' anymore. So for those that were wondering, this is what I look like. ~Pete Zavala
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    I know this has been brought up already but for those who haven't heard it yet....peep this! No Doubt on the Freestyle tip!
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    Jessica Marie fans

    Just thought I'd let you know that she has a whole new website. We're still working on it so let me know if you have any ideas. I know that the colors can be a bit hard on the eyes. I'm gonna work on that. Thanks for reading!
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    Free mp3 download

    Hello all, just thought I'd let y'all know that I put an mp3 of a breakbeat track that I did on my site available for free download. The track is called "Audio Beatdown". Feel free to check it out before I take it down in a day or two. Don't forget to send your feedback. It has elements in it...
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    Shut Up!

    I just saw the video for "Shut Up" by the Black Eyed Peas. Damn, this track has massive freestyle elements. Peep this track! The comeback is near!
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    Attn: Freestyle DJ's!!!

    Sup everybody? I was browsin' around eBay searching for some Freestyle 12"'s and I came across some dude selling alot of classics. If your looking to buy some freestyle 12'''s, check out this dude named hotmix kingpin. Freestyle vinyl like a mofo Just thought I'd share the wealth. ;)