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  1. Frantic

    80s freestyle song

    Patti Curry - Tenderness Cheers !!!
  2. Frantic

    Looking for 2 different songs.

    1st Song - Willie Crespo - Where Have You Gone To 2nd Song - Jocelyn Enriquez - Only Cheers !!!
  3. Frantic

    Heartpounding mixes

    You mean Tom "Throwin Down" Denic . . . I used to have a house mix on tape from Denic but i've since "misplaced" it over the years :cry: Found #9 on mixcloud. Discogs does not have much...
  4. Frantic

    Does anyone know this song I'm Hot?

    Nice find! I spent hours searching for this on Discogs.
  5. Frantic

    Looking for an uptempo dance freestyle song Let me go let me go let me go

    Is there any other info you can provide - year, band or group, solo artist ? Doesnt have to be exact, but will hopefully narrow down the search.
  6. Frantic

    Freestyle Playlist on Spotify

    I had posted this on another thread previously but wanted to "bump" this to its own. I created a massive freestyle playlist on Spotify and wanted to share it with everyone that might still frequent this site. Its close to about 330 songs with over 26 hours of freestyle's most memorable, 1...
  7. Frantic

    Anyone selling freestyle records?

    Have you tried discogs ? You might get lucky depending on what you are looking for. Of course depending on the rarity, price can be high.
  8. Frantic

    Please Help please

    Wow got lucky. . . that small vocal clip of "Egyptian Lover" sealed the deal. Reset - Egyptian Lover
  9. Frantic

    Please Help please

    I'll give it a go but this one is going to be tough. No lyrics to go on . . ? Do I hear an "Egyptian lover" vocals towards the end of the clip?
  10. Frantic

    Sleeves of Maxi singles

    When you say sleeve, do you mean the paper insert that CD's came with? Like CD cover, track list, etc? Discogs has the version listing for that track - see link below. Seems like there was a CD single that came out in 2002 which has some cover art, track listing etc...
  11. Frantic

    hello everyone

    Forgot to post this but got bored that weekend and did the entire mix / tape recording. Enjoy... Xotique - The First time Sweet Sensation – Take It While It’s Hot Pajama Party – Over and Over Seduction – It Takes Two Calloway – I Wanna Be Rich Dino – Never 2 Much Of U Soul II Soul – Back To...
  12. Frantic

    hello everyone

    Xotique - The First time
  13. Frantic

    What About Company B

    Here is a bit more info but as with all wiki links, take it as a grain of salt.
  14. Frantic

    Need the right title for this track

    Nice find! I was searching for all variations of C'mon & dance, C'mon let's dance, C'mon and dance but with the track being called "living for the weekend (lets work)", that was taking me way out in left field. Glad you were able to find it!
  15. Frantic

    Need the right title for this track

    Not dead, just give it some more time. I'm still at it as well.
  16. Frantic

    Need the right title for this track

    Haven't gave up, just tough to find without more info. I'll dig around a bit more tomorrow and over the weekend, see what I can find.
  17. Frantic

    Need the right title for this track

    Does it have vocals (female / male) or was it just rhythmic.
  18. Frantic

    Need the right title for this track

    Jeanie Tracy - Let's Dance ???
  19. Frantic

    Need the right title for this track

    Let me see what I can come up with . . .