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    Maria "GIGGLES" Respeto 2012 Comeback with...

    (From Bylli Crayone / Funusual Records) Hey, You get the BIG NEWS first. Wont be officially made public until this weekend. So here goes... If you grew up in the 80s, you might be familiar with 'Freestyle' dance music. Some recognizable artist names include Cynthia, Johnny O, Stevie B, Lisa...
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    Maria Respeto aka The "REAL" Giggles

    She is making a comeback in 2009! and so is Debbie Deb !
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    Too Much Hate

    I believe there is too much hate in this world. Everyone is so quick to judge. How can music live on without the real support.
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    New Website for Sweet Sensation

    Got an interesting email today, Check this out. It's long over due.
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    Timmy T, Linear, Lil Suzy, etc

    Check out the all new Its a New Online Music Magazine and Indie Record label. INTERVIEWS UP NOW: Taylor Dayne, Jordan Night, Amber, & Samantha Fox INTERVIEWS COMING SOON: Lil Suzy, Linear, Paul Lekakis, Timmy T, Chris Brown, Jesse McCartney and more! Join the FORUMS...
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    2 Domenic Marte FREESTYLE SONGS

    Here I am and Why 'O Why Anyone have them?
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    Jody Watley

    Check Out this Hot dance mix for "DONT YOU WANT ME"
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    This girl

    This girl is amazing...
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    Ok, I was thinking...

    I just posted a post on Stevie B about a remix album, but does anyone else have one besides... Johnny O, Sweet Sensation and Cynthia? Ok, I forgot to add SAFIRE. Love hers!
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    Stevie B - Remix Album?

    Does he have one? One with all the original 12" versions. That I would want, if there is such a thing, please direct me to it. I miss the 12" Mix and Dub Mix to "Dreamin of Love".
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    Bylli Crayone: &

    [Got this in an Email from BYLLI CRAYONE Mailing List] Dear Friends & Fans, I was emailed earlier today and was asked if I read the post on the Message Boards...I was like "WHY?". WHY?!! Because they are about YOU he says. HUH?? Imagine my surprise. Well, sure enough, has...
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    Nolan Thomas - Yo Little Brother (The CD)

    I got 1 SEALED copy for sale. 13 Tracks. Not a CD or Bootleg. Its the REAL THING Track Listing: 1. Yo Little Brother 2. I Promise 3. Too White 4. One Bad Apple 5. Why Cry 6. Jungle of The Heart 7. Ticket 8. Hold Me In Your Spell 9. Yo Little Brother (Dub Mix) 10. One Bad Apple (Club...
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    The First 3 CDs You Ever Bought?

    The First 3 CDs I ever bought were... 1. Take It While Its Hot - Sweet Sensation 2. Girl You know Its True - Milli Vanilli 3. Supersonic - JJ Fad
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    Nolan Thomas - Yo Little Brother (The CD)

    Anybody know where I might be able to find this on CD? I found this on some site so I guess it does excist on CD. Anyone own this already? Where can I find it?
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    Attention BYLLI CRAYONE Fans!

    Oohh! Attention all Bylli Crayone Fans!! 2 of his CDs are listed on ebay!! and Get them...
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    NOEL on CD

    Hard to find NOEL cd is now on ebay $1
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    Love Letter

    Does anyone have the Love Letter Dub 1 & 2 on Mp3? I know it was only on vinyl but wondering and hoping that maybe someone might of converted it to mp3.
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    Catch Me I'm Falling

    Would "CATCH ME I'M FALLING" by PRETTY POISON be considered freestyle?
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    Freestyle on MySpace

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    Lil Suzy / Suzanne Casale

    I heard she was going to be releasing a new single under her real name, is this true?