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  1. NuJerz2001

    NuJerz2001 ==>>NuJerz2011

    Sup yall!! Happy Nu Year to all the original members and a welcome to all the nu members! This is a pic of me, NuJerz2001 in a 2011 twist!!
  2. NuJerz2001

    Jerz in da house!!

    Just to re-fresh ya memory....:)
  3. NuJerz2001


    Lemme get this clear once and for all...LOL! Who sings "Until the End of Time"......Lil Suzy, Lil Johanna...or both?? LOL!! It's driving me nutzzz!!! Thanx! :realsad
  4. NuJerz2001

    NFL great Jerry Rice announces retirement!
  5. NuJerz2001

    Another plane crash....leaves 160 dead :(

    MACHIQUES, Venezuela - A chartered jet filled with tourists returning home to the French Caribbean island of Martinique crashed Tuesday in western Venezuela, killing all 160 people on board. The pilot had been attempting an emergency landing after both engines failed, officials said. Wreckage...
  6. NuJerz2001

    Jay-Z - Died In Your Arms

    Anyone heard this one?? I love it!! Great remake!! Trueeeeeee!! Oh I I just died in your arms 2nite, it must've been something u said..... :sbounce
  7. NuJerz2001

    What's ya favorite cologne??

    I like a few but here's my list of faves: 1. Fahrenheit by Dior 2. Photo by Lagerfeld 3. Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger 4. Emporio by G. Armani Let's hear some of ya that Fahrenheit smellz good!!!!!!!!!
  8. NuJerz2001

    Check this out!

    >>Americans Say WW3 Likely<< Holy Shhhh!!!! :(*
  9. NuJerz2001

    OMG!! Missing NJ boys suffocated....

    OMG!! Check this out!! :(
  10. NuJerz2001

    Pornstar CHLOE JONES passed away!!! Holy SHHHH!!!

    OMG I can't believe it!! She was one of the best! I heard she had Hepatitis C for a long time and didn't know it. This is the was that busted the Charlie Sheen marriage....she admitted he paid her like 15,000 bucks for 4 hours....sheet!! RIP...
  11. NuJerz2001

    Yankees fans!! Check this out!

    Yankees to announce $800 million ballpark By RONALD BLUM, AP Sports Writer June 14, 2005 NEW YORK (AP) -- The New York Yankees will announce detailed plans Wednesday for a new $800 million ballpark, which would be built adjacent to the current Yankee Stadium and could be ready by the 2009...
  12. NuJerz2001


    ....Club and where did u hear about it? I just happened to search for some freestyle names on google and BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saw CF, and decided to join! :)
  13. NuJerz2001

    Problems anyone?

    Yo is anybody else havin the problem I had yesterday....loggin into ??? Tells me some crazy cookie is missing! Then I take the sneaky way in...go to my browser history and open up a page that I visited the day before.....seems to be working!! :bangbang
  14. NuJerz2001


    How many of you bet on sports? And whatta u bet on? In Croatia bettin is legal and I bet like every day! I usually bet on NBA, MLB, Tennis and NFL, depending on which sports are playing!! I lose most of the times but I don't drop in big amounts so it's all good!
  15. NuJerz2001

    ClubFreestyle Buddy

    Hey what ever happened to the CF Buddy thingy?? I still have mine that goes on automatically when I pop my PC on but it hasn't been updated in months, maybe even a year!! What's goin on with that, anyone know?! Thanx! :rainbow <<<----WTF is that?? LOL!
  16. NuJerz2001

    How many....

    .......................... I dunno, this question may have been asked before but I missed it, so here it goes many languages do you speak?? Let's see, I speak Croatian (Hrvatski), Italian (Italiano), and German (Deutsch).....I guess that'e enuff 4 me! LOL! ps I'm bettin 99% of...
  17. NuJerz2001

    2005 NBA Playoffs

    Aight yall, the playoffs are here......what are ya thoughts, picks, faves.....let it all out. I'm goin with Jersey as always even if they do get crushed by Miami. Gotta root for them one last time before they break out to Brooklyn. I'm just pleasantly surprised they even made it to the playoffs...
  18. NuJerz2001

    Vince Carter kickin some Boston a$$.....

    Yo as u might know the Nets are desperately battlin for that last 8th spot in the East, with Cleveland and Philadelphia, and todays game with Boston is all so important....well here's a lil update.....the score at the end of the 1st quarter........Nets 37 - Celtics 19......Vince Carter 24 points...
  19. NuJerz2001

    Favorite "vs." song.....

    Yea I know yall are probably gonna be like WTF is he talking about "vs."....hehe, those are songs that take other song's for example my fave vs. song is Puff Daddy vs. 2Pac - I'll Be Missing Changes......Daddy rappin his I'll Be Missing You to the background of Pac's...
  20. NuJerz2001

    DJ Dino's ClipMixx Preview 1

    Yo yo check out this Freestyle ClipMixx Preview 1 by DJ Dino. These r the first 10 songs...lemme know what u think! ;) Trueeeeee!!!!!!!!!! Here's da link: