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  1. DOS Records

    The NASTY BOYS are back!!!

    kenny--u OFFICIALLY lose your guido status, how can u NOT know of SilverScreens in Queens?????..please tell me U never heard of Avanti's either???
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    freestyle cry babies

    C-wha? oh CF?....CorvetteForum is the ony CF i goto now
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    freestyle fading away again?

    You can mock the spelling, you can mock the "beef" between artists in reggaeton, but I assure you, Freestyle has NEVER made an international impact the way reggaeton did. The music is done and over with, it's unfortunate but oh-so-very true. It hurts like hell to admit, People try and stray and...
  4. DOS Records

    Thiago Derucio

    he a very good artist, talented ....i believe he;'s from Zoe's camp
  5. DOS Records

    freestyle cry babies

    Hear Ye Hear Ye..................... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    hey guys be careful... I went to visit fred "the edit"'s site and it was hacked ..very weird and scary!!!!
  7. DOS Records

    burger king bj

    that is funny az f*k
  8. DOS Records

    freestyle cry babies

    How 'bout a jenna jameson and DOS collabo..hooooooo, back to the news at hand... CF is CF and NYF is NYF... as well as other sites remain other sites. I dont think CF will tank, too many die hards in a circle of friends over there. If they tank or not, it will not effect NYF, because NYF offers...
  9. DOS Records

    alisha pics @ 102.7 party @ POSH

    kenny, who's that in the pic with u? a Billy Bob Thorton stunt double?? lmao.. tell scott i said wurrrrrup
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    OMG, I hope my son comes out JUST LIKE THAT!!!
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    whats a guido?

    I must admit, I am a reformed "guido" or as I like to call it, a "cugine" i look back on old pix, i gag n laugh. But back in the late 80's early 90's, we were the SHIAT, it was sick how many females loved the llok-attitude-lifestyle. it was quite embarassing lookin at those pix...
  12. DOS Records

    Where do you buy your freestyle?

    Kenny, I think u r talkin about Dj Abbracadabra and "Mothers Music" is the record store there, the owner is Eddie Tacone of party 105, he's got a nice mix of music there and orders stuff he doesnt have, they r located at under 231 on sunrise hwy. I dont know any store that regularly carries...
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    Who do you really want to see at a freestyle show?

    I'de liek to see artists that rarley perform anymore Maribel (dont make me promises) Tiana, Stevie B, original TKA, nasty boys Tolga Fascination
  14. DOS Records

    long island life

    KENNY, all american is nasssssssssssssstyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, thats some greasy shiat!!!!LOL... speakin of Roy's.. They used to have one when I went to Nassau CC, that place was the shiat, I went by there a few weeks ago for a copy of my transcript and now it's financial aid..many...
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    Hello from CT

    welcome trisheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
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    Kevin Smith In Nyc!

    Clercks Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Mallrats Dogma and so on I saw him on cable doin like a 5 hour show of colleges he visited, was pretty good...
  17. DOS Records

    diamond girl gone reggaeton?

    Huey Dunbar did Spring Love reggaeton