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    To be..... or not to be. That is the question! (that is all.)
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    4 words for you

    The Originator 4 Life!
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    Juanes- La Pagas

    Y si tu me pagas con eso. Yo ya no te doy mas de esto amor. si tu me pagas con eso. Yo ya no te doy mas de esto amor. Mentira, mentira, mentira I love this song from the first day I heard it! It's so catchy. I'm trying to learn the lyrics. I'm not really into spanish alt. music...
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    Who's Up For A Heineken??....

    Gimme A Hell Yeah!!! I'm in the mood but I hate p***y shit (coronas).
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    Why is Enigma still MODerator if he's been gone for 2 months?? Just wondering.
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    Now That I Think About It......

    -I don't have regrets. -There are people in this life that have not live their best. -I realized this is all a game that I have put to pause. -And the things that pulled me back were the cause. -.....Because I have a sensitive heart. -Some can take it, some pull apart. -Now i'm back. Nothing...
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    Can I Get A Hell Yeah?!
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    Mother Phucker!!!!!!!!!1

    Click Here
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    George Lamond- Passing Time

    I thought we were much coser. I thought I saw it in her eyes. The way we touched each other. The words she said to me. I never realized. All the moment s gone right by. And all the time s spent by my side. The memories that passed us by. Just what did it all mean?? I was someone there to...
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    Another Example Of Real Freestyle Music.....Stevie B- Young Girl (freestyle mix)

    Does anyone know this song??? Song's amazing! I love it. Everything in this song is different (except for the beat) than your average freestyle song and it all turns out for the good because it came out into excellent jam!
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    The Originator Unmasked.....

    .....There will be more soon. This is just a sample.....I don't know if this is even go through or not. ;) Tale of the tape: Name: Victor Height: 6'0 Weight: 158 Age: 26 .....if you'd like to know anything else about me feel free to ask. :)
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    My Name.....

    like you care but anyway for some that are name is Victor. :)
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    The Oldest Known Song In History

    I figured i'd share this with you guys. I'm really into music and came upon an essay on the oldest (no exaggeration) known song in history. It's 3400 years old and was found as is with no title. It was just a tablet found with music notes written in the hurrian language. It took years from it's...
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    Matrix Revolutions

    DVD launch date: April 6th 2004........:(
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    Blondie, Blondie, Blondie

    What does a blonde with a dollar on her head mean? All you can eat for under a dollar!!!
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    Happy B-Day To Freestyle Whiz.....FreeJack!!!

    Happy Birthday you dirty, dirty boy!! Would you like some strippers with that? ;) Wish you well on your B-Day!!
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    Nyasia Question - You Nyasia!!

    Damn. I've never seen Harv Roman like this in my life! That's the power of p***y for ya. lol
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    Another New Virus Worm Found In Email

    It come's in with the subject title "mailer daemon unkown". Meaning that you have sent an email but it was sent back to you as invalid and was never sent to it's destination. This is false notification. I was dumb enough to open one of these shits and didnt see the destination of where the email...
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    Britney Spears for April's PlayBoy Pinup!!!

    Hi. May I help you? :::::laughing to himself::::::