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T_mac 09-08-2009 07:00 PM

Forgot about dre freestyle this is my first one so tell me what you think

I dont know much but i do know this
ima live my life
i wont trust no bitch

tell yo lies
talk yo shit

start that drama
ima throw my fist

ima do me
you just do you

step to me
best bring the whole crew
and when were threw
its the end of you

shes leavin you?
whered she go to

back to t cuz she misses this
miss my lips

up on her tits
and on her hips

she wont the dick
she beg for it
ill make it fit

beat that shit
she lovin it

grab the glove
and wrap it up
put two on
cuz i go ruff
cant get enuff
of the love

talk about love your a grown ass man
thats pedophile do you understand
5 to 10
up in the pen
with 600 men
it never ends
just more begins

and here i sit
writin this
just cuz i got pissed
at some dumb ass bitch
**** you hoe
come suck this dick

cuz im threw with the drama
done with the lies
truth be told i just wanted yo prize
between them thighs

tell the truth
expose those lie
tell the guy

how you grabbed my dick
pullin it
and strokin it
how "its so big"

up in ya crib
kissin you
makin fun of him

call my phone and talk nonsense
yell at me like im scared of him
call his next to kin
so they can identify him
cuz ill murder him
bury him
thats just what kinda mood im in

better pray to God that i forget
drop this shit
or ill end it
this is my world son
you just live in it

need to calm my nerves
before i explode
just like a land mine
you never know when ill blow

hit a dirt road
smoke that dro
grab a pen and start to flo
feel the vibe and let it go

dont care what you think
like its a waste of my ink
i know i stink
but stop and think

could you do this
just write a song
up all night long
cant sleep with all this shit goin on

dont like my shit?
then write your own
cuz ya boys top shelf on the microphone


T_mac 09-08-2009 08:43 PM

Plz Leave Your Comments And Tell Me What You Think
What I Should Change What I Can Do Better
Whats Good And Whats Bad

ChuckD 09-10-2009 08:06 AM

T-Mac....this is not a rap site.

This forum is for people who listen to a genre of dance music called freestyle.

Acts like TKA, Sweet Sensation, George Lamond, Nyasia, and similar acts.

T_mac 09-10-2009 08:02 PM

sorry ppl wrong website

Dude111 12-12-2015 06:37 PM

Was it neccessary to use all the vulgar language in your song??

I picked BAD!!

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