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synbad 02-05-2001 06:06 AM

Okay here we go, I'm looking for guest mixers for our shows on saturdays here at 89.3 in dallas texas. So make a 20 minute to 30 minute mix and include a playlist, so we don't end up playing a song you already got in a mix. if you interested email me at [email protected] Any type of mix from freestyle to salsa/merengue. Progressive to booty jams. It doesnt matter, hell if you can mix a country song and a break beat, well hell we will play it.

MakeYaDance 05-23-2001 09:34 PM

Looks like Synbad fell off the board. Are you still having guest spots?

FABRICE 05-28-2001 08:52 PM

Hi there,

Do you still need those 30 mins mixes. Recently couple of weeks ago I made a tape of freestyle, would you like a copy?
Let me know even though is kinda late.

chao :p

MakeYaDance 06-01-2001 04:08 AM

Fabrice we are nearly 4 months late. I doubt that he is going to answer us. :(

Kenny Guido 06-01-2001 08:44 AM

thats pretty low on the FM dial!

MakeYaDance 06-01-2001 08:55 AM

LMBO Only you would think of that Kenny. I swear I am LMBO.:D

DJ Flash 06-16-2001 10:15 PM

"Mix a country song"lol They must be getting desperate down there.

JackG 06-16-2001 10:21 PM

Who knows, maybe there blowing it up.. Does anyone here from Texas know about 89.3 ?

MakeYaDance 06-17-2001 04:23 AM

Yeah I know that they're still doing their show. I just wonder why they fell off of CF. Hmmm.

DJ Entitee 06-18-2001 07:22 PM

this is the hypest station in Dallas all the other stations suck

wondrouz rojas 12-07-2004 05:08 PM


Originally Posted by JackG
Who knows, maybe there blowing it up.. Does anyone here from Texas know about 89.3 ?


89.3 (KNON) that's the station I used to listen to when I lived in Garland, Tx.
(suburb), back in "87". Deejays like Big Al, The Snake, and Synbad would have
some good mixes. These guys had the balls to spin songs that the rest of the
other stations in Dallas couldn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JackG 12-07-2004 05:10 PM

Awesome. Big Props to them!

BronxFreeStyle 05-07-2005 08:50 PM

Cotton Eye Joe..........hmmm maybe thats country enough to send.

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