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tarp 10-10-2001 11:58 AM

Korg X5 Synth? Good or Bad?
I'm looking to get a synth to do some amateur freestyle music production. I tried out a Korg X5 synth and it had some pretty good sounds. The going used price for these seems to be about $400 USD.

Is it a good synth? What other synths should I look at? I have ACID Music, is this a good sequencing tool or should I plunk down the $$ and get a hardware sequencer as well?
Also my brother has two Alesis synths, a QS and a QS8.1.

Also does anyone use groovebox's like the roland MC-505 or 303 to produce freestyle music?


Juan V 10-19-2001 08:29 AM

korg x5 sucks to me get ur self rebirth and call it a day. for reals but if you want to make a good beat a good progressive freestyle beat get the KORG EM-1 THIS IS THE TOTAL PACKAGE without a sampler ok..but if you really wanna get into deep get you a asr-10 fulll loaded ok theres a lot of opitions now and days also i dis like the roland grove boxes also i heard the mc-307 is the best!....but email and we can talk more about this [email protected]

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