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*luv2_freestyle* 10-30-2005 07:03 PM

your list of reasons for leaving me...
Don't worry, it's not true, just something I wrote for a class, things are STILL great between me and my girl.

you're more than just my equal, you mean more to me than breathing
didn't know if I'd stay faithful... but I guess seeing is believing

so before you say you're leaving, just realize I've been more than you expected
and remember all the dark days I cheered you up and left you breathless
we'd go to the beach and watch the sunset... sparkling over the ocean
or a movie and a back massage would set the night in motion
no matter how mixed up your emotions were I could fix them with one kiss to your cheek
now you come to me saying you've been dreading these last few weeks
and I start to feel weak, my knees start shivering and shaking
my heart, my love... I guess it was yours for the taking
I guess I'm waking up now from the dream we lived together
was I just to ignorant? I should've known, it wouldn't last forever

just know... love is like the oceans, to deep for any to witness the full force
my boat sunk, I couldn't swim, and the ocean I was lost in was yours

now I guess it's over and done with, I just need to leave it be
but take this, it's your list of reasons for leaving me...

I took the "just know... love is... ...lost in was yours" line out of an old poem I wrote, it just seemed fitting.

lil_reeses 10-31-2005 04:23 PM

that poem would hit so hard if you were really dedicating it to someone. Muy bueno! :)

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