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    When You Were Mine By India

    Love this song. India’s vocal range is AMAZING!!!!
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    Freestyle Top Tens - by our members

    Agreed... I recently came across this track that’s was around years ago, more than 5 years infact and I hadn’t heard it before. Instantly fell in love with it. If you don’t know it check it out
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    Freestyle Top Tens - by our members

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I would take a guess and say for the same reasons as to why it never reached the heights it should’ve back in the the music industry!!!! Maybe less so now but still a factor. back in the day very few hit the billboard charts Sa-Fire, Stevie B, Sweet...
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    Top Freestyle Dance Music Songs in 2020

    Your welcome @rnbastos Their whole album “Retro Future Freestyle” is reminiscent of the whole Old Skool vibe and feel. I guess the name of the album says it all Here the link to it
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    Freestyle Top Tens - by our members

    This track is AWESOME... and the BERRIOS DUB is just MENTAL!!!!!!!!
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    Top Freestyle Dance Music Songs in 2020

    Has an Old Skool feel to it
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    So we're back - and better than ever before...

    Glad to see ClubFreestyle is BACK baby...!!!!
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    What are the names/artists of these Freestyle songs?

    I think the first song your referring to is Runaway By Johnny O Not sure about the second one but the third song is For Always Mine by Menage (Onna Roll Records) Forth song is Tears May Fall by TKA Not sure on the fifth one. And your list of favourite songs is correct.
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    Speaking of movie.. This is a thread of what you reccomend others to see

    If you wanna have a good laugh watch a film called "Waiting" it's a riot... The game they play at work should be made an international past-time... Can't tell ya what it is, you just gotta see the movie.
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    Marisa Lopez: Then and now...

    Hmmmm...Still the same really...wearing a hat...