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    Freestyle Records

    i have lots of disco. we could make a trade. let me know what freestyle records you have / what disco youre after. drop me an email:
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    Orig Legacy for SALE on ebay!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its getting hot in here!!!! :rasta
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    S Factor on ebay!!!!

    Its not me to be happy dude. I just noticed it and posted my opinion about it. But you can describe them how ya like.;)
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    S Factor on ebay!!!!

    I do have the S Factor!! ;) Legacy it is near impossible. For those who doesnt have i personally recommend it!Extremely hard to find and great original version! But the S Factor near impossible????LOL...Be realistic dude.
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    S Factor on ebay!!!! Mez,you sure thats near impossible????LMAO!!!!!! :rasta :read dont think so!
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    Rare records for trade!!

    I have these rare records for trade: Natural Effect-its you i want (Empire Records) mint Full Afekt-remember the days (Afecta Records) (SEALED) Roman-insane (Craze Productions) (SEALED) Infinity feat. Lizzie Perez-im not gonna be the one (Renaissance Recs) mint Liano-take away (Legacy Recs)...
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    CHECK YOUR E-MAILS BUDDY!I tried to e-mail you couple times but they returned back. You might delete or mailbox is full. i just sent you a private message on clubfreestyle.check your PMs. Peace Vasilis
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    Legacy-girls Do It Just For Fun Original 12"

    delete your private messages...
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    Legacy-girls Do It Just For Fun Original 12"

    Im looking to trade this masterpiece.Not sell it!
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    Legacy-girls Do It Just For Fun Original 12"

    yep.this is the original version!
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    Legacy-girls Do It Just For Fun Original 12"

    I have a copy of Legacy-girls do it just for fun on International Latin House Records for trade in perfect shape.THIS IS THE ORIGINAL FIRST PRESS from 1989!Extremely rare freestyle vinyl!If anyone interested,shoot me an e-mail with your offers to: All the best Vasilis
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    T.r.u.e. Show Me

    Me too;)
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    Can Somone Help Me.....

    I got 2 copies..but not for sale!!!!;-) Very rare piece!
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    Looking For Trades

    delete your messages on pm. what are you looking for?