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    Charlie Babie

    hey what's up everyone. does anyone know where I can get the song by Charlie Babie - You take me higher and also was there ever a frestyle song called - Mend a broken Heart or To mend a broken heart ?
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    where are all you Canadian members?

    well I came to see what the Canadian part of club freestyle was up to and nothing is going on at all, where is everyone? well might as well start a topic up. so where abouts in Canada are all of you CF members from and what song first got you to start listening to Freestyle?. as for me...
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    Nas -T boys and Ian Lyce

    hey how's it going everyone finally this site is back up, it's about time. I'm looking for two tunes 1- Nas -T boys - Keep our love a secret 2- Ian Lyce - Fatal attraction does anyone know where I can get them or maybe someone could send them to me?
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    Freestyle in Toronto

    hey what's happening everyone Toronto_Gino here! i was just wondering how is Freestyle doing in the U.S. cause down here in Canada it seems as though it has died out completly. we use to have a freestyle show on Z103.5 and they stoped doing the show about 2 or 3 years ago, and clubs...
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    Judt Torres

    there is a verions of judy torres come into my arms where she is speaking in the begining of the song in a soft voice and she says the other night when we kissed you told me i was yours forever when i woke up the next morning you were gone come back baby come into my arms. is...
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    Dj kid heartbreak mix

    hey what's up everyone i have a song on a mix and just wondering who sings the song and what the name is , it goes like this i remember many nights of pain without your love my heart complains i did not know what i was to do falling pieces from my heart tear drops falling from my...
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    hey what's up everyone

    hey what's up everyone Toronto_gino here it's been awhile since i've been on the site. does Stevie B have a new song out. and if so what's it called
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    best stevie B song of all time

    i was wondering what everyone thinks is stevie B best song that he has ever made. if you ever believed in love is my favourite song of his which is your favourite?
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    diamond girl beat in missy elliots new song?

    hey what's happening everyone i was listening to the radio station down here in Toronto and they were playing a preview of hip hop artist Missy elliots new song that will be coming out shortly, i don't know the name of it. and if i'm not mistaken she has the beat from diamond girl in it...
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    Freestyle of the future

    hey everyone what's happening Toronto_Gino here i was just wondering to myself if Freestyle will ever get to be the way it use to be , where every club you would go to would be playing the freestyle, where cars would be driving by and they would be pumping the freestyle where radio...
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    Drums of love

    does anyone have a version of Drums of love by 7th heaven that is not the same as the one on Classic Freestyle cd. or know where i can get it.
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    Best Female voice Poll

    by far lydia lee love have the best voice, just listen to don't take your love away there shouldn't even be a poll for that, she is just way better than the rest.
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    summer lovers

    there was a song that i heard on a meag mix along time ago, i think the song is called summer lovers or summer love, it is sung by two guys, and it's not summer love by freedom, by any chance would anyone know what song it is. or could someone give me a list of songs done by male singers that...
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    Drums of love

    hey what's up everyone i was wondering if any one has drums of love by 7th heaven , i have it on a cd but it's not the version of the song that i'm looking for, i have a mega mix tape by Jammin Joe P with the song on it but it's only about a min long, and the version of the song is alot...
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    you told me

    yes that is the one that i'm looking for, the funky melody version, alot better than the other version, now does anyone know where i can get that version or could someone please send it to me. thanks.