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    NICE & WILD ...Gay??

    The guys were not gay. I grew up with david and his bother down here in mia. I know he got married last and is working on another solo project. as for reggie my brother grew up with him and he always had a girl in hs, and is still chasing the ladies now. we run into him at the clubs down...
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    TKA together or broken up ??

    tka?????? well guys let me tell you something......tka put on a good show on friday nite, but a great show on sat nite.... it was the original tka, even though they didnt play any new stuff.... i heard through a good friend that the new stuff is really good and should be out soon.... by the...
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    TKA together or broken up ??

    TKA???? I might be able to settle everything by sat... they are preforming down here (miami)on friday nite (3/23)... hopefully they'll play some of the new stuff.... and then we'll
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    Whats up with Reinaldo?

    Reinaldo Carlos, was the real name of the first Reinaldo. I meet him through a friend of mine back about 89. We hung out for a couple of years, even went to their wedding. He wrote a song (sunshine) for the wedding.