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    Hey!! I don't know if u remember me but we hung out sooooo many times at the freestyle shows...

    Hey!! I don't know if u remember me but we hung out sooooo many times at the freestyle shows back in the day haha It's funny cause i haven't been on this site for years and just decided to come on here and check it out! I was looking though old threads I posted and noticed you! Wow how time...
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    LaIndia320's New Pictures

    Like i told you before ma i love the new look!!! and we had fun that night.. have to hang again!!
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    Xbox 360 wanted

    I can't find no xbox 360, i've been looking all over This morning i was on line at bestbuy and with the people, once the doors open everyone ran upstairs only to find out that they are sold out. anyway can someone anyone who knows a store, or if your from another state i'm willing to pay for...
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    Happy Birthday QuEeNsGuRL24!

    thanx everone!! :biggrin
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    Diet Question?

    def yum for semolina bread, i guess it's not too bad lol but whole wheat would be better :D
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    Diet Question?

    if it's on whole wheat bread it's ok
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    Helloooo Mah Familia

    Krystal i am so happy to see u back and to hear that u are ok god bless you and your family!! :)
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    Freestyle Aid @ Borinquen Nightclub FRIDAY 10/7/05--Freestyle Mega Event Flyer

    wow very nice... just let me know and i can pass them out since i'm in the neighborhood :D
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    Freestyle Aid @ Borinquen Nightclub FRIDAY 10/7/2005--Old/New School Mega Event

    if u do have the actual flyer let me know ... thats my neighborhood lol there's also a lot of freestyle peeps around my way also
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    Morning guys and gals

    good morning ... i'm real sleepy today then again i'm slways sleepy when i'm @ work lol
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    Freestyle Flashback III @ China Club

    Nice pix V :) I didn’t see u ... I was right in the front near the stage from the pix looks like u were pretty close also
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    look what I got!!!

    omg he is really cute, cute name too!!
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    Recent pic of me 9/3

    nice pix Henny :)