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    Maria "GIGGLES" Respeto 2012 Comeback with...

    (From Bylli Crayone / Funusual Records) Hey, You get the BIG NEWS first. Wont be officially made public until this weekend. So here goes... If you grew up in the 80s, you might be familiar with 'Freestyle' dance music. Some recognizable artist names include Cynthia, Johnny O, Stevie B, Lisa...
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    Arlene - Band Of Gold (Now Available!)

    Arlene - Band Of Gold Produced by Carlos Berrios Written by: Ron Dunbar and Edyth Wayne 1. Band Of Gold (Carlos Berrios Radio Edit) 3:30 2. Band Of Gold (Giuseppe D. Radio Remix) 2:53 * 3. Band Of Gold (Tim Schommer Radio Edit) 4:00 **** 4. Band Of Gold (English Charlie Baby Radio) 2:59 ** 5...
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    I used to have a 12" single from them back in the day but I dont recall what it was.
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    Maria Respeto aka The "REAL" Giggles

    Why Not? Thats what I heard so I was just sharing it with you.
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    Maria Respeto aka The "REAL" Giggles

    No They are NOT False Rumors. Maybe just wernt supposed to be posted yet.
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    Maria Respeto aka The "REAL" Giggles

    Maria "GIGGLES" Respeto (Real Giggles / Voice & Writer of "LOVE LETTER") Has a new DANCE single coming out in 2009. Debbie Deb is doing New Freestyle with "Old School" flavor
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    Maria Respeto aka The "REAL" Giggles

    She is making a comeback in 2009! and so is Debbie Deb !
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    Bylli Crayone Back To School Contest

    You people are crazy! lol, should I be honored or take that as an insult.
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    Bylli Crayone Back To School Contest

    Ok, I was curious so I went and listened to some of his music. Honestly, I dont find it all that bad. The beats are bangin'! The lyrics are very well done. Someone mentioned there was "Sex" talk about gay sex or something like that. From what i just heard, there was nothing of that at all...
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    What do you guys think of this?

    Yes, but remixes could work. No?
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    Tony G: The Real Story

    Starting to think this site is a joke. All anyone can do is talk crap about people. I have yet to see any real support to these artists with the exception of a few like Sequal and Nyasia. Everyone else is getting trash talked. The members of this board seem to be very good at slander...
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    Bylli Crayone Back To School Contest

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    Bylli Crayone Back To School Contest

    I dont know, I think he is doing good by this. I love the idea of giving back to the community. He obviously knows what he's doing. I think because he's gay you are blowing this out of control into something that its not. Thats just me. Cant anyone accept the fact that he's doing good. People...
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    Bylli Crayone Back To School Contest

    I am lovin that remix to "Touch Me All Over" on his page. Its a free download, so I grabbed it. Why does the name "Phlexican" sound so familiar to me???