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    A trip down memory lane!

    This places sucks and always has sucked! Effff all of you ass kissing Mods! You're all out of the job! Who's got the last laugh now???
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    Where is Everyone???????????

    Other reasons.... -Most new school artists can't sing worth a dime. It's sad when you compare them to the old school artists. There's a huge difference. The only reason why they pick Freestyle as their music of choice in the first place is because of the fact of the small yet powerful history...
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    Where is Everyone???????????

    CF is dead. Soon, all will eventually stop giving a shit. What did it?? -Freestyle doesn't sell -Everyone has "that" mp3 -Freestyles "movers and shakers" only crave the original material and don't really have an ear for the new -Little fan base to begin with -Anyone who's anyone dreads this...
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    Welcome back!

    Question: How did "Brent" end up giving you (Sal) the site? Did you actually pay him what he was looking for? Which I believe was around $15k. Btw, Paul McCartney called. He wants his avi back. Those blind women reported you.
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    I get deleted by freestyler for saying I HATE PETA EXTREMISTS..

    I'm sorry, were you talking to yourself again??
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    Freestyle Fever 2009

    I really don't go to shows but I will actually go to this one.
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    Tka/k7 @ Zachary's Pix 9/20/08!!!!!!!!!

    Kayel (K7) is not TKA. I don't care whether he owns the name or not. TKA is Tony, Kayel and Angel and that's not what's shown in those pics.
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    Tony G: The Real Story

    u can count on kenny.
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    Well i'm an original member too. ;-) Unfortunately, this place is nothin' but a ghost town that is mostly used for promotion and things of that nature. Jack G is no longer the owner of this site. This site's been thru alot. All of the previous cfer's are out there chillin on other different...
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    Ok and you? I remember your screename but I don't really remember you (and I know we we've interacted before). Feel free to PM me if you want.
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    New Freestyle!!

    The track labeled "Kid Heartbreak" is something that had potential but is immediately ruined by the vocals. Not even worth mentioning, Kenny. :fighting0090:
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    springfield, mass freestyle show canceled!

    ......They all knew you were gonna show up.
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    Tony G: The Real Story

    The Real Story as only Hugh Hefner would know. BTW, i'm unaware of any kind of Tony stories. So the title sarcasm just doesn't make sense. Propaganda??.....E True Hollywood Freestyle Stories??.......Kenny doesn't fail to deliver. Besides being a part-time troll in the interim.
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    To be..... or not to be. That is the question! (that is all.)
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    Hot Artist Stephanie with 2 new releases

    I just heard the "Earthshakerz Remix" and it sucked balls!! Tell me something....are any of the versions of this song Freestyle??