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    Dayum yo! Just logged back on, seeing my join date 2002 wow brings back mad memories! This place was the shhhhhh!!! Miss it!! Hope everyone's ok!!
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    Wazzzzaaaa Vicky!! What's the link? Check pm!
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    Where is Everyone???????????

    yep yep! Hey Frankie I just sent my request to join the group. Name is Dino Maricic. HoLLa!
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    I Need help finding this Song

    wow that link really works! LOL
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    Searching for a song.

    Wazzzaaa MKS & DJ Dee!! Reppin the ol school crew here on CF!
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    wazzzzaaaa asexxyyyy!

    wazzzzaaaa asexxyyyy!
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    Jerz iz backK!!!

    wazzzzzaaaaaaaaaaaa peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Jerz in da house!!

    my shorts be kickin yo! lol
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    I Have Missed this site so much

    Wazzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa girl!!!!!!!!!! I missed this place also. makes me look back! dammmmm we had some good times up in here!!!!!
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    wazzzaaaaa ma!!!!!!! miss ya!!!

    wazzzaaaaa ma!!!!!!! miss ya!!!
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    Where is Everyone???????????

    Trueeee dat!! Wow so true what ORG1NATR said! I miss the good ol days here. When I look at the date when I registerd here makes me sad, and I checked out some info, says I'm currently the one member online. Also says this: Most users ever online was 548, 01-29-2005 at 11:49 AM. Now those were...
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    After years of searching this forum is my last hope

    yea if we can't help ya, definitely try google. That's your another "last" hope.