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    United colours of freestyle?

    correction, i believe Tony Moran is Columbian. not puerto rican, also are u sure about albert cabrera? i'm almost certain hes puerto rican.
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    freestyle aid concert question

    For those who donated money - they have a right to know. Your defensive remark only makes me believe that something ain't right here.
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    freestyle aid concert question

    how much was raised for krystal ? anyone know -
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    NAYOBE working for MIX 102.7???

    it was bound to happen, more & more freestyle has been added to its rotation, most recently, corina, tka, coro, johnny o & cynthia. as i mentioned in a post some time ago, i predict they will have their own freestyle mix show soon, perhaps Nayobe will be the host!
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    america's next top model - who will win??

    Nik, Nicole or Bre?? I believe Bre will be eliminated in the first 1/2 hour, leaving Nicole and Nik. Nik will walk away with the title. your prediction??
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    Judy Torres' New Song

    i heard the song, and it does not sound like judy at all! This sounds brings out the best in her voice, this is the best she's has sound in any of her music. however, i personally do not like the music -
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    does anyone know what the deal is? they haven't had a "miracle on 34th" concert anymore, anyone know the reason behind this?
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    NAYOBE working for MIX 102.7???

    kool - i didn't hear about betty and nayobe, did the station make this annoucement? i love this station, a fantastic mix of classic music including FREESTYLE!!!
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    NAYOBE working for MIX 102.7???

    Kenny, r u asking GOD? or the members?
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    Inductees for "Freestyle Music Hall Of Honor"

    Safire not on the list???? this is so bogus!! she is one of the original pioneers of freestyle, she opened doors for many others, she accomplished so much! obviously whoever is putting this together dosent know much! let's see if this "hall of honor" ever comes true!
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    safire & cynthia on ktu today!

    If you go on the ktu website, they list the last 10 songs played. that's how i saw it
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    safire & cynthia on ktu today!

    can you stand the rain was played on ktu today and i missed it!! damn, damn, damn!! haven't heard that one in a long azz time
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    NAYOBE working for MIX 102.7???

    In the last couple of days I've heard her name and her voice on the morning show. she apparently is working as a off site correspondent for the station. I've been told that this is the NAYOBE we all know- anyone else heard of this?
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    i guess we have nothing better to talk about, how sad:(
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    Whats up with cynthias fanpage

    corina's page has been down for some time too! judy's page hasnt been upgraded in some time aside from some cruise shes performing in 2006. Coro's site hasnt been touched in about 200 years! Perhaps there isnt anything new to report , but what about posting old photos, or listing...