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    Does anyone know??????

    to (lil) italia re: Chaelie"babie" pt2 hey mama, ya made it sound like the guy passed away.LOL anyway, don't forget the last song as an artist he recorded was "YOU TAKE ME HIGHER" , have u heard it? In any case his songs were like and still r like Jon Secada classics, they never get old...
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    Does anyone know??????

    bout' Charlie"Babie" Hey Italia(lil), the correct last name is BABIE- but its been done before. I just kindly wanted to tell you as a friend of Charlie, he no longer produces dance music in NYC. He currently lives in Chicago and still active in the might of heard Gilettes...
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    Sexy Freestyle

    Just to clarify....well written songs r the most sexy songs(if u r relating to freestyle, which we r). I've said it before.....FREESTYLE IS A FEELING.....u know when a track has moved you with emotion(the vocalist is key as well)! Yes go listen and pull out the oldies, cause thats where its...
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    What happened to Debbie Cole?

    d.cole doing broadway.........