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    I need an ID for this song..

    I need an ID of this song, can anyone help please? Thanks!!
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    Mega Rare Records @ Ebay Starting Sat-Jul-23

    Hi guys, here is the next load of Rare and Great records that I'll be putting on Ebay tomorrow. If you like something and would like to do an offer BEFORE I place them on Ebay (Arround 12:00 pm MT) hit me with an email @ Serious offers only, this are rare Records so...
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    Mega Rare Records @ Ebay only for 5 days

    ONLY 2 hours left!!!!! ONLY 2 hours left!!!!!
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    Mega Rare Records @ Ebay only for 5 days

    Less than 20 hours to end the auction guys.. Don't let this opportunity fade away without making a Bid...
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    Mega Rare Records @ Ebay only for 5 days

    MANY MANY RARE 12" Singles for sale @ ebay. Check it out!!. Rhingo - Without your love Purepleazure - U are the one Savour - Don't Take your love away Tomax - Regrets Only Brandon - Destiny PSO - Wanna be starting something ( You...
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    Gems 12's for Sale Only serious buyers please

    Arlene - Band of Love is gone Ashley - Don't let me is gone Inferno - Why did you do me wrong is gone Internal Affairs -If you don't know what love is is gone De la Mour – Latin Lover is gone too sorry Ashley, $275.00 for your record was not bad, not bad at all. To those of you who are...
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    Gems 12's for Sale Only serious buyers please

    Hello people, I'll be selling my collection since I don't use it anymore its getting old and its too big now, but mostly.. well I like money. I have tons of 12"s and I guess it is time to let them go. I'll be selling some records directly to people paying what the record is worth or more, and...
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    Pull Out DJ Please Help!

    I'm looking for any of the DJ Pull Out Mix CD's way back in the early 90's from Canada. Please give me a hollar if you know where can I find them or if you have one. Thanks!!. Luis
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    Help please...

    That will be "Ania - Alone Again" labeled under Wiseguy Records back in 1993. Awesome Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
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    First Class

    Totally Agree with you Rhoq
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    "Do you believe In Love"

    He also did "Don't tell me lies" 1995 under Hot Productions...
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    First Class

    naahh.. they aren't that good...
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    First Class

    Sorry bro... I don't have it on mp3
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    First Class

    FR3ESTYLEKING, First Class only release to the public on 12" was 'My sweet rose' under Groove Kontrol Records, they also recorded 2 other songs for the same record company but they were never released in any way to the public, only to a very few DJs nationwide. 1.- Everyone needs someone - 1992...