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    Song Id

    Thank you so much
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    Song Id

    "Do you want a lover" "a Latin Lover" then it went, like "So Tough So tough" Anyone know the name of that song? The used to play it at Plaza Suite..
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    Staten Island...

    Hi... I need a question answered and I know this is the place.... Early 80's, Old Town Rd/Hyland Blvd, there was a nightclub there past the train tracks that was popular. I seen Xena, Tina B, Nayobe live there. I think Carlos De Jesus was there with Big BreakDance contest, if you remember...
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    HOT 103/WQHT 97 voice over

    I think his name was Chuck Riley and he died in 2007... His voiceovers for Hot 103/97 are legendary....
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    I Must Tell You.......

    I am obsessed with the old New York Radio Mixes.... Hot 103, Hot 97, 92 KTU(if you can even imagine getting those elderly copies) even OLD 1035 KTU..... which is probably 10-12 years old now.....I thank NYGIRL and Concord, and everyone else, for all of their SHARING of those old mixes but we...
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    PULSE 87 UP ALL NIGHT w Glen Friscia 5.30.08

    Thank you Concord... I appreciate it..
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    Freestyle Top Tens - by our members

    Tears shed MKG Love you will you love me-Judy Louder than Love-TKA A day in my life-Lisette M I wont stop loving you-C Bank One more shot-C Bank Wondering-Tonasia Crying over you-Soave Youll never find another love- And more Forever Amore- Dzyre.. Wow that was tough...
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    shot in the dark....

    Thats' right...I would love to her that song...! Thanks buddy..
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    shot in the dark....

    Does anyone remember a freestyle song that was called " Is it me or is it her?" I think it was on Atlantic(believe it or not).. It started out with vocal intro with violins... very hard to mix in and out of... not DJ friendly.. Much more popular in Miami and the Fort then up here.. Girl...
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    Three songs I'm looking for

    And The Nasty Boyz had about 2 others out also that were just as slammin in the early 90's.. "Naomi and "What I am feeling" Completely underrated!
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    It took a night a fooling around with but I got it,,,, Thank you Mike and Kenny,
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    Hi.... I cannot figure out how to use Megaupload....and I am dying to hear some of those old Hot 103/97 tapes that are on this site...I am not Mr PC but I know my way around... PLease Help! Louie, SI,NY:mad:
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    A quick question....

    I am knew to this site and would love to DL some of these HOT 97/103 mixes for my Ipod...How does work? I must be doing something wrong... Thank you,