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    A Lovers Heart

    im feelin dat, good work mamita...
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    Emotional Today

    that was deep im feelin it
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    The Strangest Smile

    damn dats deep, im feelin dat 1
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    yo dats deep, i feel u on dat 1, people should learn 2 leave their past in da past cuz if they dont they will neva have a future, u go gurl ; )
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    Hello I am new here

    welcome 2 cf, hope 2 become friends wit u...
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    Hi, i'm tina

    hey wussup, welcome 2 cf...
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    just stop by to introduce myself

    hey welcome 2 cf, hope 2 get 2 know ya a lil bettter, keep freestyle alive
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    who i be

    DAMN after seein those pics now i know angels do exist, hope 2 get 2 know ya in da future mamita....
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    This is me NOW!!!!!!!

    all i have 2 say is WOW
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    hey its L4E, its been a minute but now i'm back

    hey everybody its me LONELY4EVA, have'nt been on 4 a while but now i'm back, hope 2 catch up wit my old friends on here and lookin 4ward 2 making new ones 2
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    LOST (copywritten 2005)

    Another day begins and your not here with me my life filled with darkness, my soul trapped in misery I felt it deep inside, as my heart it broke in two now how am I supposed to carry on if it can't be with you I don't wanna see the daylight, as the heartache within consumes me so slow all I...
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    REFLECTIONS IN TIME (copywritten 2005)

    Our time ran out, I don't know why till this day I sit and cry All this pain i've kept inside is something I can no longer hide I still reminisce of you and me and the way things used to be Where do I go from here, what do I do how does this shattered soul begin to get over you I know i'm...
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    Does she still think of me......

    thanx guys you've guys alwayz been like fam 2 me and I really appreciate your input, I just wish it was that easy to tell my heart to let go, but on the real what goes around comes back around and I know one day she'll find herself on the receiving end of the pain........
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    Does she still think of me......

    I've been in a long distance relationship for almost a year. The girl would come down and stay a week or two then go back home for like a week and everything was all good when she was down here. She cooked, cleaned and was good with my kids (none of which I made her do). Then there was a time...