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    What Other Music U Listen To Besides Freestyle?

    if u like linkin park then u hafta like P.O.D. :cool:
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    OK OK who here is from Jersey??

    hehe... shes cute and has a pic to prove it :)
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    What song hooked you on FREESTYLE?

    i think mine was Joyce Simms - All In All and Nice n Wild - Diamond Girl
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    What Other Music U Listen To Besides Freestyle?

    alternative - R&B - Latin (tropical)- House ....and pretty much anything except country :o
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    Hey Guys

    you cant compare an ole booty wit a new booty :o J Lo :D
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    Most Underrated Artists/Groups.....

    i've always likes & MORE i think they are underrated
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    I Dedicate To You

    :) you wrote that for me didnt u
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    Thereo's B-day!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday :cool:
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    Public Safety Announcement

    hehe... good one
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    already got the sampler

    it is plain and simple actually. if they admit there is no freestyle on the album, sales will decrease. i dont really care honestly cuz im not buying it...not that my 15$ or most of your 15$ matter (according to a previous post on another thread)
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    Happy Birthday

    happy birthday mario...hope your having a good one
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    ATT: All Bad Boys & Bad Girls - READ!

    i read on another thread that bad boy joe was not able to obtain licensing for any of George Lamond's tracks, so i was thinking that Donna Williams - True Love Never Dies would be perfect for the next mix...not only is the song great and a classic but also features George Lamond.
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    Noel's new one - finally!

    hmmm.... READ!!!