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    Freestyle File Edits Weekend #5

    DJ Paradise forgot to mention in the above message that the NEW MEGA EDIT Medley of PAIN will be premiered during this show and that they should be on hand in the chat room, but the interviewed with them is to be rescheduled.
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    Freestyle File Edits Weekend #5

    Okay my Old School heads, it is time once again for our Special Edits Radio Show #5... This night showcases the Art of Editing from talent all around the Globe. If u r familiar with what I am speaking of, let's through some LEGENDARY names out here like; Chep Nunez, Latin Rascals, Omar Santana...
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    Jerz in da house!!

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    Need Help With Song

    Adam Marano ft. Alicia - Love Me Now :animal0065:
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    Msg Freestyle Reunion 3 Pixx & Kenny Guido B-day Party Pixxx

    Hey Kenny? What's up with the view quota on your site? *walks off thinking of possible reasons* LOL!!!!!!!
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    Kenny Guido B-day & Msg After Party!!!

    DANG!!!!!! Don't you guys ever grow up? Sheesh! *walks outta thread shakin head* Carry on if you must...
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    Latin Express "Brooklyn Knight" for sale on Ebay

    ANTHONY!!!!! PM me please! :)
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    Carlos Berrios FREESTYLE CDS is finally here!!!!

    With the price of gas these days...I gladly paid $3.00 for shipping! LOL!!!!!! These cd's are well worth the money! *wearing out session one* :D
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    WOW! Cool...

    Check your pm's! If you haven't already! :)
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    Nominate your favorite smiley!!!!

    Not sure about anyone else but when I try to look at ALL the computer freaks out before all of the images are loaded! LMAOOOOOOOOOOO It's like gremlins take over!
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    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!! I missed it!:animal0017:
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    WOW! Cool...

    Things are going well for me. Goin to visit Naya and the family next month! Can't wait! :D
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    Who knows ?

    Harry's still in FL! Doesn't come around on the boards much though.
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    So Nice

    Congrats on the wedding Myriam! YAY!!!! Hey Mike!