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    Where are you now?

    HI Dianita im so happy for uu
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    Welcome back!

    wow I had missed clubfreestlye I met alot of good ppl here
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    Fever Freestyle Flashback @ Sin City Pixxxx!

    nice piks lokk at Manny
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    Ktu's Beatstock @ Jones Beach 2008 Pixxxx!!!

    Wow it looks off the chain my friend went and she had a blasttt
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    Festival in honor of the Children of the World!!

    That is great ill see if I can make it sounds nice
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    Kenny Guido B-day & Msg After Party Pixxxx!!!

    nice piks love them happy birthday Kenny
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    george lamond in queens tonight!! 4/18/08!

    The show was off the hook. i tried to put piks I have to resize them
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    new piks

    Thanks guys
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    Thanks 4 the eview mike. How r u long time
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    Miami Freestyle Music Awards PIXXXXX & review.....................

    Awesome piks, what happened to the other freestyle artists. Well I had email Latif from LaEntertainment and he stated that mostlikely it will be on tv first that dvd but hopefully eventually it will.