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    Sammy Zone's latest project

    So, isnt this goint to be the second Sammy single in a row, named "Running" Initially, I was taken aback because this is a classic that I wasn't sure could be made. But Sammy's got the pipes and the vocals are similar to Kurt from Information Society. So, between Berrios and Sammy, Im sure...
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    Joey Kidd-Tonight

    I just went on itunes to purchase it. It is not available. Nothing from Joey Kidd is. The song is amazing. He sounds great. I always thought Joey Kidd was one of the most underrated freestyle singers. His debut album rivals anything from that era. "Everything I Own", "Broken Promise" and...
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    Question about last night's Taj concert.....

    If anyone that went to last night's concert can answer this, i would appreciate it.... Last night I was working, so I was only able to see some of the concert while i was on break. Can anyone tell me what songs Tony Moran sang? And judging by the pictures he sang with TKA and GL. What songs...
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    New Lucas Prata-Gimme that beat

    I don't know if it's his voice or what, but Lucas has released too many "cheesy" sounding songs for me to say that i am a fan. A few good singles off his first album but that's about it. Sorry.
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    Carlos "After Dark" Berrios retires from Freestyle Music

    Carlos, I wish you all the best. Some of the freestyle records you produced in the past few years gave me hope that freestyle would become mainstream again. The Sammy Zone track was the best freestyle record released in the past 12 - 15 years, in my opinion. As your still working on music, I...
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    These artists are the FUTURE of freestyle

    Running by Sammy Zone is ok. I was looking forward to hearing it. a little bit dissapointed. But really, how can you top a song like Without You- the best freestyle song in a decade?
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    Just for Fun...

    Here's Mine: SAFIRE "Dont Break My Heart", "It's A Crime" GEORGE LAMOND "Its Always You" CYNTHIA "How I love Him"[/I ]JUDY TORRES "Holding On" :No Reason To Cry" COVER GIRLS "Show Me" "one Night Affair"[/I ]FASCINATION [I] "Dont Get Me Wrong" CORO [I] "Do Unto Me"
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    Just for Fun...

    Just for fun, pick your favorite song (two at the most) by the following artists. Sometimes our favorite song isn;t always a song that is performed by them at a show SAFIRE GEORGE LAMOND CYNTHIA JUDY TORRES COVER GIRLS FASCINATION CORO
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    ***I Can Only Wish & Hope....***

    Carliot-----I dunno where you live but Denine is about to make her first live performance in like 15 years in Philly in May. I forget the date but if you go on her FB page you will see it.
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    First of all, that is my favorite Latin Rascals song...more so than Arabian Nights. This song should have been a single as it was one of the strongest cuts on that album. Lyrics is the male version of "I will Survive". My favorite line in the song is..."Go back to boys, your not...
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    Classic Disco/freestyle explosion in new jersey!

    Thanks for the promo Kenny...This is where i work.
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    Just got the call that Nyasia's new album, "This Is Me" have arrived.

    The entire CD is excellent. Not a bad song on here. For me, "99 1/2" with Wendy is the standout track. Totally addictive. And gets inbedded in your head - from the first listen you will be singing/humming this song all freakin day. And although nothing will beat the original, I love what she...
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    CPR's Freestyle Parade 2010 Review

    I was just dying to hear something new from George Anthony. And I am not dissapointed. His song and Poze's song are the best on this collection.
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    ****Jaidie Or Fascination On Facebook****

    Kenny- unless she just made one recently. When I last saw her two months ago, she said no. I'll ask again.
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    Artistik's Freestyle Parade 2010 UPDATE

    i downloaded mine from itunes and im about to order the physical CD too. I really like it. I love the songs from George Anthony and Poze.