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    LATIF sure has a lot of time on his hands!

    I have one question : Why did you post this message on your forum? We all know that you serve the interests of Sal S. (Fever Records), and Latif and others are your competition especially in making shows and money. Is it for drama only ? By the way, I'm not from any camp...I just wanna know...
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    New Freestyle 2009

    It wasn't release in 2009, !?! I really don't understand the purpose and direction of this thread.:confused:
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    Forever Freestyle 4 Concert 2010!!!!!!!!!

    Kenny, I don't know that you were so close ! LOL Sorry, but your post can't be taken seriously, on the contrary they're all need money ! Period. :rolleyes:
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    New Freestyle 2009

    Not freestyle
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    New Freestyle 2009

    NOT Freestyle. The best mix is the one did by Carlos Berrios. It sounds more R&B but with a freestyle sound/style.
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    New Freestyle 2009

    Hello Latin babe boi, Most of the "Freestyle" references are not Freestyle releases, you should stop this, you're mistaken ! Some Freestyle buffs may buy some CDs thinking that they are Freestyle, but they aren't. Just my two cents. ;-)
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    Dj James Anthony 2009 Multi-edit Megamix (94 Songs...1 Hour)

    Before editing music, James Anthony has spinned music in club, and he still does for what I know. To me, he is a DJ. He is remixing and editing music/songs, he is also a remixer and editor, but...he is still considered as a DJ. For instance, DJ Tiesto have been nominated in the past as the...
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    Jay Sean ft. Lil Wayne - "Down" new freestyle

    NOT FREESTYLE, and the Akon's vocal & music style simply suck. I can't believe that this kind of crap can be compared to Freestyle Music. We have DENITIVIVELY NOT the same definition of what Freestyle's genre is ?!? Just my 2 cents.
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    New music from Ayna
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    Solo Debut Evelyn Demille

    Amazing vocals (Evelyn & Wilma) for a horrible musical style. The final result is simply disappointed...for the moment! She needs another remixers for this project... Just my two cents.
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    Cutting Records

    Maybe, maybe not! I've heard that the sales weren't good enough to release more CDs. :(
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    The original Berrios Freestyle LP LineUp aka "Don't Look Back"

    Don't believe everything you read on the Net especially on the forums, even from the artists or producers themselves! LOL. Personnally, I believe on products which were materialized (on CD or on MP3)! The rest doesn't exist!!!
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    It's the number 4, WOW I didn't know that!!! I only saw the first one and it was nice.
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    Cutting Records

    I prefer Cutting Records as a Freestyle label, they released great stuffs in our music.
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    The original Berrios Freestyle LP LineUp aka "Don't Look Back"

    Carlos Berrios has certainly his reasons to make those changes! And you have to live with that. Personnally, I don't care. I've listened to the song "Never Gonna Say Good-Bye" (duet between TKA and Safire) and the song was simply great. Me too, I will live with that! LOL.