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    'Eye ][ Eye' ALBUM 'InnoFuzion' Available DIGITAL Download

    Yes, Its Official. Finally, The Long Awaited ALBUM 'InnoFuzion' is Available for DownLoad WorldWide. This is the Fuzion You've Been Cravin'. Also you can Download RingTones as well. This is the Entire Listing of all the DIGITAL stores that my latest album can be purchased. Thanks to all of YOU...
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    Thank you NewYorkFreeStyle for all the Unconditional Support!!!

    I big Big BIG Thanks to all of you who in one way or another inspired me, supported me & have given me all the unconditional Love since the very beginning & to all my New people who have just learn of my music and is giving me their ALL..Thank You, thank you all so much!!!!!To all the DJS...
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    Thank you NewYorkFreeStyle for all the Unconditional Support!!!

    Kenny & MixEdgar 2010 Thanks so much fellas! I truly appreciate the love & Support! im truly honored!! thank so much!! Kenny!! im glad you enjoyed the Album! And I truly appreciate all the support you guys have given me as well!! See ya Guys Soon!! keep in touch!! Sinmcerely Honored!! Wil...
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    Thank you NewYorkFreeStyle for all the Unconditional Support!!!

    I truly appreciate all the unconditional support you have given me in my career! It truly means alot to me. I hope you enjoy my latest production 'InnoFuzion'!!! Thank you all for Great Response we have been getting Internationally throughout these last couple of weeks!!! It really truly means...
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    Special Thanks from

    Wil "Eye ][ Eye" Rivera & Dr.Tony Garcia we are Back together once again!!!! Check out the latest on High Power Records & Funky Melody Records Get ready for the Upcoming Funky Melody & FreeStyle Collection YOU MUST HAVE!!! "Platinum...
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    *FrEeStYLe En EsPaNoL/SpAnIsH FrEeStYLe*

    Thanks Carlito for the props and respect!!!! Hopefully if God gives me health and wisdom I will continue to bring you all more music and beautiful lyrics for you all, I've been soooooh crazy busy working on New several new projects, New lyrics, Styles and concepts, working on New Deals and...
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    German Freestyle Scene?

    Peepz, How are you!!! Right Now I just released two New CD Singles that are also under the compilation 100% FreeStyle Vol.5 in Germany under Distel / Sony. First one is titled "My One True Love" & "We're Meant To Be" plus I have a few other releases coming out in a few months in Europe as well...
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    Artist Websites

    How are you John, Our website for InnoFuzion Music Group, Inc. is:
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    *FrEeStYLe En EsPaNoL/SpAnIsH FrEeStYLe*

    I will be doing FreeStyle in Espanol again, as you may remember I wrote under High Power, Funky Melody Records "Take Me In Your Arms / Tomame En Tus Brazos" in Spanish, I Can't Live WithOut You / No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti, Always / Por Siempre (Angelique), Real Love / Mi Verdadero Amor, Always /...
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    Eye ][ Eye's Brand New Single (InnoFuzion is Back This Summer Hotter than Ever)

    Wassup Francis & Frankie!!! How are you guys doing, Thanks for the emails, Frankie (LOL) Hmm, interesting guess (LOL). Don't worry you will all find out soon, Im as excited as you guys are. OMG I can't wait to release it already!!! It is OFF DA HOOK!!! Plus my New single titled "You Got It Goin'...
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    Eye ][ Eye's Brand New Single (InnoFuzion is Back This Summer Hotter than Ever)

    Wassssssssssssssuuuuuuuppppppp PeeeeeeeeeeeeeepZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! I'm Back!!!! Im so sorry I have not been around the sites for a while!!!I havent been posting for a while. Ive been crazy buzzzzzzzzyyyy with the New Products...Plus the countdown begins TODAY for my brand New Single...