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    The NASTY BOYS are back!!!

    kenny--u OFFICIALLY lose your guido status, how can u NOT know of SilverScreens in Queens?????..please tell me U never heard of Avanti's either???
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    freestyle cry babies

    C-wha? oh CF?....CorvetteForum is the ony CF i goto now
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    freestyle fading away again?

    You can mock the spelling, you can mock the "beef" between artists in reggaeton, but I assure you, Freestyle has NEVER made an international impact the way reggaeton did. The music is done and over with, it's unfortunate but oh-so-very true. It hurts like hell to admit, People try and stray and...
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    Thiago Derucio

    he a very good artist, talented ....i believe he;'s from Zoe's camp
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    freestyle cry babies

    Hear Ye Hear Ye..................... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    hey guys be careful... I went to visit fred "the edit"'s site and it was hacked ..very weird and scary!!!!
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    burger king bj

    that is funny az f*k
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    freestyle cry babies

    How 'bout a jenna jameson and DOS collabo..hooooooo, back to the news at hand... CF is CF and NYF is NYF... as well as other sites remain other sites. I dont think CF will tank, too many die hards in a circle of friends over there. If they tank or not, it will not effect NYF, because NYF offers...
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    alisha pics @ 102.7 party @ POSH

    kenny, who's that in the pic with u? a Billy Bob Thorton stunt double?? lmao.. tell scott i said wurrrrrup
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    OMG, I hope my son comes out JUST LIKE THAT!!!
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    whats a guido?

    I must admit, I am a reformed "guido" or as I like to call it, a "cugine" i look back on old pix, i gag n laugh. But back in the late 80's early 90's, we were the SHIAT, it was sick how many females loved the llok-attitude-lifestyle. it was quite embarassing lookin at those pix...
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    Where do you buy your freestyle?

    Kenny, I think u r talkin about Dj Abbracadabra and "Mothers Music" is the record store there, the owner is Eddie Tacone of party 105, he's got a nice mix of music there and orders stuff he doesnt have, they r located at under 231 on sunrise hwy. I dont know any store that regularly carries...
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    Who do you really want to see at a freestyle show?

    I'de liek to see artists that rarley perform anymore Maribel (dont make me promises) Tiana, Stevie B, original TKA, nasty boys Tolga Fascination