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    So what has CHANGED as far as Freestyle concerned?

    I joined in late 2004, and I might be wrong in saying that freestyle was somewhat underground then. I think it's also making a rather decent comeback. I think some of us with kids, grew up listening and now they are also going to the concerts and supporting the artists. Freestyle, I think is...
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    So we're back - and better than ever before...

    Heyy, nice to see this place up and running, I think? This site and its spin-offs were like a refuge for me. There were some people, that reached out to be because of this site that helped give me the strength to leave a really bad relationship. It would be great to see some familiar faces.
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    How about this one?

    Holy cow! This randomly came up in my search engine. I've been looking for this song since I've heard a snippet on "Dance Party USA" in the early 90s. Thank you, so, so, much.
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    Where is Everyone???????????

    Hey everyone!! I still pop in now and then! I think freestyle is very much alive. Us die hard fans will always love our freestyle. I think one of the main problems is that the wrong audience is promoted and in the wrong ways.
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    Long Island's 'Amityville Horror' house sold; DeFeo family murders inspired movies

    Tag sale at the Amityville horror house today...saw it on a news 12 post. I wonder if they have any items original to the house...
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    I get deleted by freestyler for saying I HATE PETA EXTREMISTS..

    That's the point, when people can really mess things up when they become extremists. They tend to change facts around so it supports their ideas, or they'll use theories that only supports their ideology and dismiss anything else. The best testament to our beliefs are through our actions.
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    They've been kidnapped!!!!

    Maybe we can go with the original pre-Brent smilies...the last list was a little too long, I agree. Though, we could probably use a few there some type of smiley database to pick from?
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    How about this one?

    Used to hear it all the time on Dance Party went- "I got hugs and kisses, more and more and more. You just can't count my love".
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    They've been kidnapped!!!!

    So who's got the smilies? We are left with a mere 11 smilies!:eek: Please tell us Sal, that they are not gone forever. They give life to our posts; emotions to our thoughts...There are times you can only respond by slapping others with a fish, or with that little flaming devil guy...Things are...
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    Hi!! How have you been? Nice to see you around again!!!
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    Welcome back!

    At one point I kinda felt like I was talking to myself and was gonna have to start on some meds...:p
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    Welcome back!

    Yahi!!! I know this place was kicking at one point...ahh the love, the laughter, the tears. Those were the times...
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    The Random Thoughts Thread!

    Uh-oh...someone said random thoughts. I am so utterly random that I scare me. Okay one, I swear where I live is a climate zone in itself. When other places nearby are sunny, we're popping up with all these weather warnings...We only have like to weeks of spring here and the we get that lazy...
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    Kia Soul - Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours (This or That?)

    Okay on a serious note, the car looks cool. If I were to get a new car, I wouldn't mind this one. I like that it looks a little different. I don't know much about Kias though. I just know I paid $500 for my 94 Accord on craigslist over a year and a half ago, and spent less than $500 on repairs.
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    yes it is me lol

    Hi Ed, how are you? Good to see ya again and that you seem happy.