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    Late Feb

    6 more days to who is coning from here?
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    9 more days till FREE-Style in BROOKLYN!

    6 more days to go. who is going to the party from here?
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    Late Feb

    I think both should be Deleted so We can put the completed one on.
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    Late Feb

    Ok so I went to the calender to update but I guess Pete has to do it...the party is there 2 times now but does'nt have the complete line up. ;)
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    Late Feb

    New Info...How to see U there :) Thanks for the Post Pete! MUAHHHH Circle of Friends Entertainment brings you...... Alto's Lounge 4 acts Confirmed Saturday February 18th 2006 Doors open 5 pm Free Enrty for Everyone 21 and over. ID Required Dj Doc Holiday spinnin from 9-4 a.m. Alto's Lounge...
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    Anybody know anything about this Event (Fake)?

    If I was in the area I would go to the show.
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    Anybody know anything about this Event (Fake)?

    maybe this will help, I believe they were discussing this issue in the following thread
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    Need name of artist and song title...

    I KNEW YOU KNEW IT CHUCK...I JUST KNEW IT !!!!!!! YouR THE BEST!!!!!!! :dancepuff
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    How many of you have....

    Have'nt even made one this year.
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    Lets Visit La Mirage in the Bronx once again

    I used to love going there. I loved that lil spot.
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    Shoutout To CYNTHIA.......

    OOOps i forgot i was logged on as DELISIOUS...:lol ^ ^ ^ It's me Veronica!
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    Shoutout To CYNTHIA.......

    OMG... i remember that picture! I didn't even know who u were then...:lol So Erica .. you takin my place at the Copa...Lemme find out?!
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    Happy Birthday Latin Nation!

    Happy Birthday Alex MUAHHHHHHHH
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    Pedro Knew Too Much!

    HAHAHAHAHA Very Funny
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    three months till christmas vote for rodriquez!!!!

    OMG that is too funny...Poor grandma HAHAHAHAHA