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    Match.Com / Internet Dating

    actually... i met quite a few people from the internet... i moved to miami from philly 2 years ago and haven't been able to meet many people on my own... most of them are only after one thing. theres still one guy though that i'm still friends with after 6 yrs and now things are starting back...
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    Need Help from you peeps

    i agree with S-Factor.. i love that song "hard to get"
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    What were you doing in the Summer of '88?

    Damn... '88.... i was 7 turning 8 that year. probably in the 3rd grade... never even heard of freestyle then.. i can't even remember what i used to listen to back then... haha.. :p
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    rockell is commin to philly

    hey did anyone go??? how was it?
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    rockell is commin to philly

    Hey i want to go... maybe i'll see you guys there.
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    track listing/

    Hey Kenny.. you know i want a CD thanks....
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    yea but what happened to him. i never even knew what he looked like
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    What does everyone do for a living???

    I'm a clerk across the street from city hall in philly... where by the way.. they don't pay ne enough to do the ish i do for them :( oh and a full time night student (medical) ahhh wheres the time
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    How did you start listening to freestyle?

    I can't really remember when i first listened to freestyle... it was a long time ago but i must've gotten really into it when i was about 14 and my brother was going out with some girl from S. Philly (where everyone would really listen to it)... borrowed a mixed tape from her and was hooked...
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    My real I-D.

    Hey Miguel I just wanted to say I'm a fan of yours and i hopefully you will be able to come out with some new material... I hope all your prayers get answered... everyone goes through hardships.. some more then others so hopefully you'll get through yours.
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    i dont know if anyone has asked this yet But what happened to bernardo and how come he only made 2 songs (at least that i know about) both of which he made bilingual???
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    hey wuz up

    jersey Mike north jersey near union city or north bergen/ west new york new jersey cuz i got family up in that place?? maybe we will talk
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    My names Virginia i'm 20 from philly got drk brown hair/ drk brown eyes 5'6 and 125 lbs and if you check out my username... you know my nationality and i've loved freestyle since god knows how long. talk to ya'll later.
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    Hey.. i really just heard of LatynBoyz.. i heard a song of theirs (close my eyes)like a year ago... anyone really ever heard of them or who they are or what they are doing? i really liked their song.
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    hey wuz up

    Oops Hey.. sorry i forgot my name's Virginia thanx... what time does the chat start? i was pretty amazed to see actual artists posting on here.