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    Will To Power - Dreamin'

    Gotta say, not one of my faves. I liked "Say It's Gonna Rain" better.
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    So what has CHANGED as far as Freestyle concerned?

    What's changed? Well, apparently, drag queens like freestyle now! LOL
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    Normally, Friday Night would not be the best time to re-birth a dance music community...

    Currently watching reruns of "The Dead Files", waiting for the new episode of "RuPaul's Drag Race" at 8:00. Then, a Zoom chat with some friends at 10:00.
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    How do you browse? Desktop? Mobile?

    Primarily a desktop. I'm not too into surfing while I'm out with my phone. If I'm out, I'm doing something or with someone, so I'm not online.
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    Who's gonna beat ChuckD's post record?

    Just get chatty! It can be done!
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    Who's gonna beat ChuckD's post record?

    I am ready to pass the torch! C'mon everyone, take the crown.
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    So we're back - and better than ever before...

    I was coming back occasionally to check out the Novella thread. That story was a trip!
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    Cf Telenovela "por El Amor De Una Mujer"

    Just had to come here and see if this thread was still here. LOL