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    The new sound of freestyle

    sounds like the nu-image stuff....
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    Added a Live Stream to My Site

    i tried going in but i had trouble chatting . no one was in the room anyway...
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    Dont be afraid to put on a flyer " a freestyle and hip hop event" . It''s not nice to mislead the public...Hello everyone..
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    johnny o!

    Johnny O Is Amazing....he's A One Man Band . He Fucking Rocks .....
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    Joey Kidd-Tonight

    Hello J I love the track...the melody and lyrics are great..Joey did great once again.....Gotta give credit when credit is do ...can't wait to hear whats in the works with your next project. shshshsh..."smiling" take care j
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    Rip Wickett Rich

    he will be remembered for bringing us great music....
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    Kings & Queens Of Freestyle Concert Sun National Bank Center Pixxxx!!!!

    lisette and corina look great and everyone else as well, i wish i was there.
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    Freestyle Legends Tour 2010 In Kissimmee Fl Pixxxxxx!!

    I Loved It We Had Such A Great Time Wish All You Guys Were There.....
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    Freestyle's Hottest Men.....

    Nu Image...yea
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    Freestyle Extraganza 2-miami, Florida!!!

    I Agree With Spy12ver, I Want To Know How This Show Turns Out.
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    FReestyle Legends Tour @ Silver Spurs Arena-kissimmee, Fl

    This Show Better Be Something Spectacular Or I'll Be Really Pissed Off.
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    Freakin It - TyBless feat. K7 Video Produced and Edited by Carlos Berrios ADM Records

    Love The Track And The Video...i Just Thought She Should Have Freaked It Some More , Sway Really Hard From Side To Side , Pop That Ass Hard And Dropped It You Know..
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    Manny "You Are" snippet

    Rick Savage Is A Monster On Those Keyboards. Love His Productions..