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    Freestyle Invasion Sovereign Center-trenton, Nj 4/12/08 Pixxxxx

    Kenny - the pics are FABULOUS! Glad you were able to chat with Joe last night at the gig!
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    Rockell with Joe Zangie LIVE AT BEATSTOCK2007

    Now THAT is a show!!!! Fabulous job!
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    Joe Zangie's New Album - Timeline

    What a fabulous review! Thanks! FYI - if you want to purchase it on iTunes, it is now available :)
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    ~~Freestyle on Demand TV

    Watching that yesterday took me back!!!! It's bookmarked - looking forward to more "Behind the Scenes" footage and glad to see many familiar faces. SmoothRhythm - PM me when you have a chance please. Thanks!
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    K7/tka, Brenda K Starr, George Lamond @ Mirage-westbury, Long Island

    Is this where I stomp the stiletto and say "DAMN O-TOWN - Get some damn SHOWS in the area (or at least promote them where we actually FIND OUT about them in time to get tix, etc.) *sigh* I'll get off my Orlando rant now ;)
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    Freestyle Fever 2007 Pixxxxxxxxx!

    Looks like y'all had a fabulous time!!!
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    p***y Galore

    Glad to see Perez is in your bookmarks, Ken! :)
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    Wendy & Joe Zangie Perform in YOUR Area!?

    For all those that Demanded Joe Zangie & Wendy to Perform - THANK YOU!! The single is hitting radio and I'm hearing a ton of feedback!! You can check out Joe's page at and of course NYF will be one of the FIRST ones to break any news!! ;)
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    Fever Freestyle @ The Copa Memorial Day 2007

    Interesting! Ken - not sure if I'll be up in NYC for that - I would like to but it's all depending on JZ's schedule. The album is slated to drop around Memorial Day.
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    Interesting.. they've done little to nil promotion on this... Thanks for the heads up!
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    Great placement!!! :)
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    Wmc 2007 Tentative Schedule

    Anyone else attending/performing/etc.?
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    Joe Zangie Interview...

    Thanks for posting Kenny! And Joe's show is THIS FRIDAY people... I heard the set list and it's out of control!! He's going to be performing with Wendy. For more info - you can check out his myspace at
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    Grammy Awards!!!

    I was torn - I sorta liked the show but there were parts I was far from impressed with.. *sigh*...
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    A Touch Of TAZ Megamix @ FM!

    Fabulous - will most def. stop by!! Thanks Louie!