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    fav freestyle song with bass

    L.A.W. - Missing Your Love
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    What is missing in freestyle...

    oh no, please no saxophones... I can't understand why you want saxophones back into freestyle??? Personally I think a saxophone often ruins the whole song.. I like electric guitars sometimes though.
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    With all due respect, I think it's crap. It has nothing to do with real electro. This trend is already dying...
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    Wanted:Lon Angelo-Vicious Love 12"

    It's Electro. Kind of a ripoff of Beatclub - Security.
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    Luis Damon

    I think it's sold...
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    Inferno feat. The Flow

    That's really cool, guess what I found yesterday Cover Girls - All Because Of You, sealed! Vasilis made me an offer to trade Inferno for it, but i have to think it over;)
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    18 New Singles On E.L.I.RECORDS,INC.

    :sosadtoo bad:face
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    Dance Music Experts Needed Please Read:

    Any Gabber experts out there? LOL You have to look in Rottterdam hehe. Goatrance though is dead and buried somewhere I hope. Tasteless and awful music, people who listen to that can't be taken seriously. And WTF is "Sexcore" LOL, sounds like something to put on when some serious freakin is up...
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    Dance Music Experts Needed Please Read:

    I'm an expert in Electro and Ghettotech.
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    Nej Sugi, jag har aldrig varit i Köpenhamn på natten. Skulle dock vilja åka dit snart! hur länge har du lyssnat på Freestyle?
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    When the pieces fall

    Rhoq, seems like we posted at the exact same minute lol. you beat me to it with a few secs.
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    When the pieces fall

    Yolanda is her name. check
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    Yeah Sugi, Stockholm är verkligen Freestylefritt. I'm the only DJ that spinns it. People don't know what Freestyle is, I have to educate em.
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    Extremely rare freestyle 12" (sealed) for trade: 2 EZ "I'm In Love".....

    Mez, I have tried to e-mail you and PM you. Please get back to me, we have business to do. -Alex