View Full Version : why did aby leave tka in the first place

01-22-2001, 08:01 PM
could anyone tell me why did aby leave tka in the first place?

01-30-2001, 11:19 AM
I Hate How People Dont Wanna Just Say Sh*t Man. ABY Never Left TKA...The Label Booted His Ass Off After A Few Songs Cuz He Was On The Pipe * Smoking Rocks * Like Another Freestyle Artist. But Let Me Finish About Aby. Thats What Happend 2 Him. Also He Then Later Worked With Adam Marano And Anthony Montellenone Under Viper Records And They Were Under The Name DA "A" CLan And Remade ONE WAY Love And Did A Few Other Songs that Can Be Found In Any Store.
Fu**ed Up Shit But Hey Artists Are The Same As The Next Guy,Some Are Just A Little Fu**ed Up Than Others ahahaha...Thats Life Oh Well

Kenny Guido
01-30-2001, 03:04 PM

01-30-2001, 04:26 PM
ahahahahahh im dyin! hey whats up "elear"?! i cant believe someone finally just went out and said it lol. actually i heard that too a while back but it sounded like a rumor. dunno if its true but whatever youre right artists are just like everyone else they have problems too. but i give u props for coming forward and saying what u said. since so many people have asked about him before and could never get a straight answer.

01-30-2001, 05:38 PM
yo, Elear...who is the 'other' Freestyle artist that you were referring to?

01-30-2001, 07:10 PM
Aimee...Im Also An Artist And Have Friends Who Are Artist Old Skool And New Skool. No Diff From Anyone. Point Is: I Appreciate U Saying U Appreciate Someone Saying Straight out. Cuz Alot Of These Artists Make Me Sick. B.S. Smiles And Big Heads, Fu** Outta Here Man. Were All On The Same Road. But Whateverz...And Its True Aimee trust Me :I
AUTURO...sup sup...i'll give u a hint...he lives in South Jersey And His Name Is Peter And Was A Old Skool Undeground Artist Who Had 2 Slammin Songs...One Was Called " The Way She Looks At Me " But He's Best Known For " Just Like The wind " And Has Other Singles With Metropolitan. Fu**ed Up But Once Again Thats Life....
If Yous Wanna Get Back 2 Me Personally...E-Mail Me [email protected]
PEACE aND AS Always Keep It Real And Pumpin'

01-30-2001, 08:12 PM
you got to be kiddin me NV WAS SMOKIN THE GOOD SHIT!!!! now f*cking way!!!! oh crap, LMAO...hey he is still hot!!! and he is in nj just like me, come to me i love u baby!!!! LMAO!!!!

01-30-2001, 08:34 PM
i think he was referring to Peter Fontaine

01-30-2001, 09:39 PM
Im DYING LMAOO...NOT NV...I Know Him...He's Straight As An Arrow...Might Drink From Time 2 Time...But No Way In Hell Did He Do Drugs. I Was Reffering To PETER FONTAINE...
Fu**ed Up How TONY GARCIA * The Biggest Snake In Freestyle*
Put Peter's Songs Under N.V.'s Name As He Did With Other Artists...But Then Again If Artists Are That Stupid And Naive Into Believing A Smile And A Friendly Person? Then Fu** Em,They Deserve It For Being So Painfully Dumb.

01-30-2001, 10:58 PM
I see......so who are you elear? you seem to have answered a question that no one tackled for numerous days. and what is aby doing now in 2001? as for the answer to the question.... very insightful. hey and if you have access to knowing all this b.s. about artists why dont you talk to kayel about puttin back aby in the group, they can call themselves tk double a.....lol, wishful thinking. i mean hey, the guy proved that he still wanted to sing when he formed that group. thing is he laid the bricks for tka and i really want him back. and what was the name again of the group he remade "one way love" in? i want you to spell it correctly so i can look this up in napster.

01-31-2001, 07:14 AM
Nobody is allowed to have dirty laundry unless it gets aired out in public!!! It's kewl that you know that shit, but as an artist, I would have thought you would have appreciated the fact that maybe the reason they said he "left" the label was to respect his PRIVACY??? If he wanted people to know, wouldn't he have come out and said it? I hope you don't have anything about yourself you'd rather kept private because when you out people, it tends to come back and bite you in the ass, and someone will out you back!!!
You could have just said, he left the label for personal reasons. It would have been true and it still would have allowed the man some privacy.

I don't mean to seem like I'm coming down on you, but I hate it when people give out my phone number without asking me. Can you imagine how I'd feel if someone gave out THAT kind of info on me (thank God I don't do that stuff anyways, but if i did)??? My attitude is, if I wanted you or people to know, I would have told you or them. If I didn't tell, maybe you should think about why that is!!!
It's a good attitude to have and it has saved my ass from A LOT of problems that I saw other people get into for giving out info I knew and could have easily given out but didn't.

Food for thought!

01-31-2001, 08:59 AM
Nah, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! off Jade. Good job Elear....just down and dirty on em arent ya?

01-31-2001, 09:59 AM
JADE...I Understand What Ur Saying Fullly...But Im Gonna Tell U Something...Kayel? I Dont Know...I Met Him Twice Back In Around 95 And Tony I have Never Met...I Only Know Angel Cuz He Lives 5 Min From Me In The Bronx.Its One Thing If Your An Artist And If U Dont Expect People 2 Tell ur Business Or Know it? Why Did You Become An Artist? Its Like For Example...NSYNC...Justin Leaves The Group Cuz Of Whatever...People Are Gonna Gossip Or Tell What Happend And So On Cuz People Wanna Know Not Be Left Out In A way Why Did The Person Like Leave? So In The Aspect Of Being A Fan Of Course You Have The Right To Know. Its Another Story If I Was B.S.ing Yous But Im Not. And If Anyone Says Im BSIN' Then Ok Stay In Denial And Be Defensive For a Losing Battle Cuz I Never Speak Unless Im Right :I
Ok Let Me Slow Down Now.LMAO...To Answer Another Question...ABY Went To A Group Called " DA A CLAN " Spelled Just Like That...Which Was Him,Adam Marano,And Anthony Montelleone.VIPER RECORDS.And ABY Didn't Leave...They Literally Booted Him.And I Forgot The Name That Asked Who I am? Im A Freestyle Artist Also And Writer, I Will Be Dropping A Single This Upcomming Spring,And Mark My Words I Will Do Some Damage Trust Me On That One. Im Under the Name * Elear * Obviously...hahahaha...Yous Keep it Pumpin...and Dont take Me the Wrong Way...

01-31-2001, 02:37 PM
oooops!!! LMAO!!! see thats how rumors get started, but hey NV is still hot!!!!