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12-03-2001, 04:06 PM
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ashley paul-dont take back your love-zazoo-1991-10.00
lydia lee-i do love you-moonroof-1991-10.00
tony marino-one love-futura-5.00
and more-soul on fire-micmac-10.00
aka-all you ever told were lies-wideangle-5.00
aka-cruel lovin'-10.00
apollonia-since i fell for you freestyle mix-1988-5.00
babie & keyes-lets spend the night alone/playgirl-5.00
stevie b-party your body full lp-5.00
stevie b-in my eyes full lp-5.00
coro-do unto me-5.00
clear touch-cherish-micmac -10.00
rockell-in a dream german remix-b.i.g. 1999-15.00
rhingo-without your love-sneak tip-15.00
joli-heart aches-precise-10.00
debbie gibson-out of the blue freestyle remix-autographed-20.00
natasha-you give me new vibrations-sizzle-1988-5.00
starlet-dont make me wait-def beat-1990-20.00
yolanda-i want you boy-m.o.m. 1988-5.00
dsk-work my body freestyle mix-jack pot 1989-5.00
david-no regrets-micmac-10.00
dominica-love string-micmac promo-10.00
jaya-full lp-5.00
johnny o megamix-german import-15.00
meg-rare lp-music works 1990-50.00
tony deshawn-real lover-amazon 1986-5.00
new kids-my favorite girl freestyle mix-1990-15.00
hit n run compilation-sareo/eddie frente-10.00
shana-falling slowly-5.00
will to power-lp-5.00
hi impact-memories of u and me-1990-5.00
shana-you cant get away-5.00
iris chacon-am i a tease-rmm-1989-10.00
charisse-i wanna learn ya-1989-15.00
bardeaux-bleeding heart freestyle mix-picture disc-20.00
debbie deb-megamix-5.00
edee-baby its you-1988-5.00
edmond-come back to me-5.00
sebastian-santa li-6.00
julian vilante-crying in the dark/ill think of u-15.00
johnny o-runaway love-10.00
lil suzy-love cant wait/take me in ur arms-5.00
lisee'-with everygoodbye-right area-15.00
lisa lisa-i promise you-5.00
sly fox-como tu te llama-5.00
face-forever yours-micmac-10.00
peter fontaine-way she looks-original-1989-15.00
peter fontaine-just like the wind-original-1990-15.00
face-happy days-micmac-15.00
ray guell-you took my heart-turnstyle-5.00
coryne elyse-little but of luv-onna roll-15.00
lisa joelle-dont take ur love and go-15.00
tony deshawn-hard attack-1986-5.00
nu evo-wasted love-bids only right now
cyndi lauper-change of heart(latin rascals)-5.00
tony moran-dreaming of making love-25.00
nanette-in the heat of the night-20.00
will to power-dreamin-5.00
griffin-action reaction(tolga)-nsi 1987-20.00
cover girls-dont stop now-5.00
chrissy iecce-you should know by now-10.00
eileen flores-touch me with your heart-6.00
monet-come on to me-ligosa-10.00
divina-you cant fight love original-mkg 1989-25.00
tina wilde-all i want is you-turnstyle-1991-10.00
marybell love-now and forever-5.00
sareo-to know me is to love me-hit n run-1989-25.00
leather and lace-let your body go-10.00
midnight fantasy-come back to me-1987-10.00
margie martinee-distant emotions-10.00
samaria-take back the love-1987-10.00
julian vilante-u treat me bad-5.00
monet-do u remember/no room-10.00
shannon-let the music play-5.00
shannon-give me tonight-5.00
shannon-do u wanna get away-5.00
sunni-when the shades pull down-10.00
db cook-losing my mind-test press-10.00
romeo-one more day-5.00
eden-dont take your love away-wiseguy-15.00
sequal-she dont want you-5.00
nina bena-sweet heart-10.00
leather and lace-rock me shake me-10.00
leather and lace-tender heart-10.00
monet-my heart gets all the breaks-10.00
monet-give into me-10.00
michael christopher-baby i love u so-5.00
tara/vision-waiting for ur love/night after night-15.00
innervoice-days gone by/jesse/michelle-10.00
dominatrix-dominatrix sleeps tonight-5.00
eg daily-say it say it-3.00
jeanine carter-save it-metropolis-1986-5.00
neecy dee-best of me-tnt-20.00
teaz 2 pleaz-i know u know-10.00
abby lynn-no more tears-micmac-10.00
giovanni-running man-10.00
olga-power play-5.00
olga-it happens everytime-5.00
ek rembrandt-party lights-5.00
paris by air-come on and dance-5.00
4 real-come get your love-10.00
7th heaven-drums of love-5.00
bi chance-mira mi/paralel love-5.00
angelo-dont keep me holding on-5.00
donet-love and kisses-5.00
isis-salsa with me-5.00
sasha-open up my heart-1989-5.00
kitty kat-rock me-1993-10.00-double 12"
cheerokee-no more tears-5.00
stefanie bennett-ill never forget you-tazmania-5.00
charlie-promise not to leave-5.00
sammy c-if u wanted to love me-5.00
sammy c-other part of me-5.00
stefanie bennet-dont let me go-5.00
tracey b-ill be there for u-1994-5.00
stefanie bennet-never too late-5.00
damien bautista-what will i do-5.00
8th angel-guilty of the crime-5.00
lfx-shattered dreams-5.00
manuella-who you foolin -5.00
manuella-love gives no second chances-5.00
manuella-dont try to c ome back-5.00
stefanie marano-ill be there for u-5.00
nez-u coulkd be my lover-5.00
intonation/joee-nothing to u-5.00
pain-i feel it in my heart-5.00
miguel reyes-those were the times-5.00
shayme-summer night-5.00
joe zangie-through and through-5.00
yanda-stay with me-5.00
samantha white-time-5.00
joe zangie-in my dreams-5.00
samantha-craving your love-5.00