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11-15-2001, 06:39 PM
page 2, avp 3 galaxy 2, southern freestyle, je do u miss me, rymthmcentric your love is with me, collage angel, lina santiago feels so good, caprice there goes your heart, samantha craving your love,k7 move it like this,yolanda together forever, angelina release me, angelique cant live without you,jossette where are you now, estee all because of you, rockell when im gone, jesika tonight , rockell instant pleasure, taz 13 ,epicenter records comp, keeping freestyle alive, old skool freestyle, sharyn mercen one on one, jossette where r you now, metropolitan 5,zyx freestyle 2,safire 1 ,kromozone take me away, k7 body rock,paradigm back 4 my love, lisa lisa let the beat hit em, frestyles greatest groups,freestyle parade 1 , rosalinda all your love, collage 1 ,joee in the air,rockell in a dream/fell in love, zsanna damusic/feels so good, shut up and dance v2, precious lil fantacy, la rissa jay and jane, synthia f touch me, double e freestyle melodie, jocelyn extacy, jullissa slip away,trip top 2 ,if this is love joey acuna, dance sensations, metropolitan 1, freestyle 10 tommy boy, sandee time will tell, mic mac party 1 and 2, george lamond bad of the heart, slk here comes the rain, connie no tears, planet patrol play at your own risk, stephanie fastro the laughter, wiseguy orchestra can u show me, spanish fly I can see, safire 2,s factor hard to get, stephanie bennette swing my way, clasic frestyle, jullian villante 3, george lamond lately, buffy to find you and give me a reason, rockell what you did to me adriann untill tommorow, denine i believe, jacqui cenci memories, cynthia 1 , jossette in a dream, lianna feel it